You market yourselves to a millennial audience, which I can relate to. Prioritizing my career is important to me at this point in my life. It is because the motivation level of … Ensure you can link what interests you about the job role to specific examples. Explanation: For this candidate, the ability to innovate is one of their core values. 2. However, the way you frame this response is crucial. '—plus examples from 3 people who got the job Published Tue, Oct 27 2020 11:03 AM EDT Updated Tue, … “Why do you want to work here?” is one of the most important questions in an interview. The hiring manager is trying to find out if that person is you. Ask for a tour or shadow experience for a day to formulate your own opinion of the culture. If you don’t agree with what the company is selling, why would you help them sell it? or "Why would you like to work at our company?" These can turn off the interviewing team and make them second-guess your real motives. If an interview panel senses that you might abuse that policy or any policy, that might deter them from offering you the job. They become leaders within the company structure. Or is it important for you to be employed with a company where there is room for growth? By demonstrating that there is a built-in network, the hiring manager might be more likely to hire this person because they know the employee will be happy at their company. And avoid the dreaded, “I’m just trying to get a job.” This suggests you’re simply putting in your time and punching a clock. “Why Do You Want to Work Here?” Sample Answers General Answer. How do you find out what your “Why” in life is? This is one area that you could leave out of your answer, but it could boost you above the competition if you can prove you already see yourself living nearby. Of course, you want to mention why you want to work there. So what does an interviewer hope to achieve by asking, “Why do you want to work here?” Here’s what they want to see in your response: Enthusiasm about the position and company. Your answer to the question of “why do you want to work here” should emphasize your interest in working hard and developing on the job. A related question, especially if you are new to nursing, is about why you want to work in the healthcare industry . You can write your letter on your phone, and the company will print it up and send it in the mail to the recipient. I have all the skills you are looking for, and it pays pretty well. Instead, give an answer that positions you as a responsible and mature professional who knows how to manage your time well: “I know that I do my best work when I have a healthy balance between work and life. Some examples include: 1. As an experienced marketer with an emphasis in technology, I know I can bring a lot of value to the team. The hiring manager will love to hear responses like this. However, here’s an idea of what you don’t want as your answer: I want to work here because it seems like a good company. Don’t forget to include company values and how you can fit within its culture. I have read references from your employees online. “I love problem-solving, and [your customers] are constantly looking for new ways to solve their problems. It sounds like you’re not yet ready for the job. Take your time to understand what is truly important to you and only interview at organizations that reflect those values. Before the recruiter called me about this opportunity, I must admit that I didn't know much about your company. If you don’t align with them, do you really want to work there? You don’t want to come across as someone who isn’t willing to work hard. Explanation: This response ties together the company, the role, and the candidate’s values all in one. It gives you an idea of what the objective and values are for that organization. You can even reach out to current employees on sites like and ask them questions about their work life. Why Do You Want to Work Here—Retail (Sample Answer) I’ve been interested in fashion since I was a kid, and accessories form ABC have been my favorite for many years. Examples to help you craft your response to this common interview question: I firmly believe in taking a collaborative approach to each project so when I saw a position with your company to join the production team I knew I had to apply. Every company is different, so your reasoning for wanting to work at each should be different, too. As a hockey fan, I think it’s great that PPG is the company that developed a coating to improve the game. I want to work for a company that invests in its people.”. All Rights Reserved. If you support the vision or end goal, be sure to mention this during your interview.