Homebase stock a comprehensive range of easy-to-install sheds for a range of different purposes. As your shed is going to be outside, it needs to be able to stand up to the worst of the British weather. Whether you need a custom-built shed or want a rent-to-own option for a great monthly rate, you’ve come to the right place at Leonard Buildings & Truck Accessories. However, it could be worth hiring someone if you’re not confident, and you’ll need to have any electrical work done by a professional. How are you using your shed? When looking to buy a storage shed, the dimensions will typically be in feet. Choose a high spot in your yard. These multifunctional structures are the perfect addition to any living area. A base is different from the floor of a shed, sitting in between the ground and floor to create an even surface. 2. If you have big storage shelves, power tools or want to create a workshop, opt for a shed with double doors. If you’re looking for a shed that only requires a low level of maintenance, pressure treated sheds are a great option. Those who want an ordinary garden shed to store their tools and smaller items will be fine with a single door. Large or heavy items, like bagged fertilizer and equipment, mowers, snow blowers, wheelbarrows, etc., require floor space and an open surrounding area. A Superior Grade 12mm Shiplap Garden Storage Chest. Wall, siding, and roofing materials, for … Whether you are buying a new shed for the first time or replacing an old shed, you want to make the right choice and get the best value for your money. Companies typically stick with the even numbers of sizes simply because this is usually how materials are found. It is quite common to use a garden shed which is quite efficient and has much space in it that will cover your items or tools in it without … When using your shed, storing everything away neatly will help to prevent accidents such as trips and slipping. Sheds typically come with one or two doors, and the number you should go for depends on what you’ll be using it for. Yes, you need some boundaries. There are three main types of roof. Our shed cost us approximately $2,700 with all the options, while the low quality shed costs approximately $1,900. Don’t worry if your chosen shed doesn’t include it, there’s an easy to follow how-to guide on the installation process should you need it. Do you also need sufficient space in the garden area where you can save tools and other garden accessories? From keeping your garden equipment safe and secure to serving as a summerhouse or workshop, a shed is a practical addition to your garden with the potential to transform your outdoor space. At Homebase, the metal sheds are made from galvanised steel, ensuring a high level of security. Shed Buying Guide. Use our … Sign up to our newsletter today to receive exclusive offers and savings. Read now. If you’re unsure how you should choose the ideal metal shed for your needs, don’t worry. Discover all the different types of fencing available and which one would be right for your garden. Now, starting in one corner, lay paving stones on top, using a spirit level to check the ground is flat. This style is less common, but is available in the Sheds.co.uk Premium range. To choose a shed to fit your needs, it’s a good idea to consider the following: Think about what you’re going to store in your shed, so you can find the right size. Windows are often on the same side as the front door. Click here to download your Shed Buying Guide! Some sheds include a floor, … Also referred to as lean-to roofs, this design has a slanting roof which is higher on one side. With so many styles, types and sizes available it can be a struggle to find the right one for you, your garden, and your family. In the end, it comes down to your own personal preference so take time to make yourself familiar with all the options available. Constructed from overlapping feather edge boards. Lift up lid with reliable timber prop arm. Shed Buying Guide 2020Before you rush out and buy a shed, give some serious thought to how you could use it and what you could store in it.Will it be used just for general storage – garden tools and sundries, paint cans, wood off-cuts for example? 10’ x 10’ Sheds — Suitable space for use as a gardening shed. Homebase stock a range of both wooden and metal sheds and the price includes the cost of assembly. Garden Shed Buying Guide. Here are two wooden sheds of the same size, and similar appearance, but at different price points. Key elements in a wooden shed’s design include the type of roof it has and the style of door. A pent shed will give you more door positions. Entry is usually at the front of the shed where the roof is at its highest. It provides a stable structure that is resistant to most types of weather. Having a portabase means that you don’t need to prepare your own base with paving stones or a solid slab. Naturally, if you have the budget that can cover it. Set Your Boundaries . So what’s the difference between these two sheds, and why is one more expensive than the other? You can also bring your list with you when you come to our display lot and we'll advise you on the amount of space that will meet your needs. Check it out, and give yourself the confidence to make the best purchase. Some sheds already have roofing felt, which is specified in the Homebase product details section of a page. Discover all the different types of fencing available and which one would be right for your garden. Of course, buying the best garden shed isn’t easy as 1, 2, 3. Learn all you need to know with this expert Homebase guide. However, if you don’t want the hassle of self-assembly, and would rather an experienced professional took care of the job, Sheds.co.uk is able to provide a Home Installation service at a very reasonable cost. This way, you can be certain that your tools and garden equipment are fully secure. Sheds.co.uk has a wide selection of different size sheds, ranging from small mower storage sheds to grand 14’ by 8’ structures. Perfect for those unable to make their own base. Read more. They come in a variety of sizes and provide a practical way to solve any garden storage issues you might have. As they are constructed from pressure treated wooden overlap boards, they require no additional treatment. Permits may mean a resource consent plus building … We have detected that JavaScript has been disabled in your browser. Not as secure because people can see inside. For this buying guide, we’ll be comparing features of our 8×12 custom-built shed with an 8×12 model available at the big box store. As a rule, metal sheds tend to be harder to install than plastic or wooden models due to the weight of the components and the type of fittings involved. You can find durable shed bases here. An outdoor shed buying guide can help steer you in the right direction so you end up purchasing a shed which is going to meet your storage needs as well as remain within your budget. If you are planning to use your shed for storage purposes, don’t forget to factor in how many people will be using it. Where space is limited, it is essential to give us exact measurements; this is to ensure the shed will fit into any confined areas. How We Chose Our Selection Of Outdoor Sheds . You can easily become carried … With any required guidelines to be mindful of out of the way, you can begin to dive deeper into more fun shed buying considerations. Shed Buying Guide. You may want to use the following check list, courtesy of Oz-Cover Pty Ltd. Will your supplier also arrange lodgement of your building application on your behalf, at no extra cost, to save you the time and hassle involved dealing with Council’s red tape? Affordable, convenient and cost-effective, plastic sheds are perfect if you’re counting the pennies and don’t need a huge amount of storage space. Some shed manufacturers offer expansion kits you can add to a shed for even more storage space. Come and visit our showroom today and take the first steps toward your new dream garden building. View all. Please enable JavaScript to enhance your experience on the Homebase site. To ensure you are purchasing a quality shed, always buy from a reliable, well-known company. This is the most expensive type of cladding available. Homebase wooden sheds come in Apex, Pent, Pent Solar and Extending varieties in both overlap or shiplap designs. Read online now. With over 25 years of experience building and selling sheds, we thought it would be helpful to put together a shed buying guide to assist you in planning for, purchasing, and using your shed. A traditional feather edge style 5ft garden fence panel. Use a base to prevent flooding during heavy rainfall, Always shut windows and doors when you leave. A wooden shed is classed as an outbuilding by the planning authorities, and in most cases they do not need planning permission. When making your purchase, think long term. This is because there is a difference in the thickness of the timber, plus the there are different types of cladding that vary in strength and weather resistance. 1. Large outdoor store that offers a spacious alternative to a …, Perfect for use as a mower store or bike store. Read now. A key factor in a wooden shed’s strength and weather resistance is its cladding, of which there are three main types. The garden shed - a firm favourite in British gardens. A portabase is a kind of sturdy palette that has a wooden spike in each corner that can be stuck into the ground. These affect how much space is available and ease of entry. Shed Buying Guide. Straight cut overlap timber board construction which allows flexibility and …, Lockable storage unit (padlock not supplied), An excellent space saving edition to your garden, providing a …, A high quality space saving shed with double doors for …, The floor is constructed from 10mm solid sheet board ensuring …, Wide aluminium double doors (in 6″ wide models), Easy access ramp for wheelbarrows and lawnmowers. Bailey Line Road Recommended for you By far the most common "complaint" we get … Sheds are brilliantly versatile. These differences, as well as useful information about bases, installation, planning permission and more, are explained below. But when you start trying to decide on which one to purchase, you’ll quickly run into some questions about what size shed you need. 2. Many sheds require self-assembly and you’ll usually need at least two people to install it safely – follow the instruction manual and you should be fine. 4 x Support batons on the reverse side of the …, Desirable mini log cabin with a veranda for all uses, 19mm Interlocking Log Boards cladding as standard, An attractive beach hut style summer house with veranda and …. Best 8×8 Shed – Buying Guide and 10 Top Products for 2021. Does your supplier use the same thickness of .42 BMT/.47 TCT cladding on the roof and the … Finance available subject to age and status. brought to you by gardeneco .co.uk An illustrated guide on buying a Garden shed 1 Most popular shed styles Apex Pent Workshop Corner Note to remember: Get the bigest shed you can afford, it's frustrating when you've bought a shed that's too small. Learning to felt a shed roof is easy with our step-by-step instructions and video. These mostly relate to homes on designated land (e.g. … High quality and affordable wooden sheds of all sizes are available to buy at Sheds.co.uk, but recognising exactly which model will be the best for you and your garden is not always easy. Learn all you need to know with this expert Homebase guide. Share; Tweet; Are you searching for the best and attractive solution for storing the extra items of the house? Shed Material and Maintenance. This type of cladding uses interlocked panels, as with tongue and groove cladding, but with the addition of a small lip between each panel that serves as an extra barrier against rainwater infiltration. Most garden sheds are fairly easy to install. It is a much simpler and more flexible means of getting a wooden shed installed in your garden, as the only thing you need to do beforehand is to make sure that the ground where you would like the shed to be positioned is level and flat. After filling the 4X6 shed at my last house, I decided I’d need a larger one at my new home. Two common sizes include 4×6 and 6×8. Next and named day, Click & Collect Our expert garden-shed buying guide reveals the different types of sheds, typical prices and sizes and even explains how to build a shed. Learning to felt a shed roof is easy with our step-by-step instructions and video. Metal Sheds Buying Guide. When shopping for a Shed make sure you look at the specification details – you’ll need to know the footprint of the Shed so you can get the base correct but make sure you take into account extra dimensions such as any roof overhangs. 28x44mm Finish Rounded Four Corner Framing, More Than Comfortably Seats Up To 5 People, Strong Rust Proof Powder Coated Aluminium Frame, Lid stays with two height settings for each lid, 100% UV protected panels – doesn’t become yellow, Blocks 100% harmful UV rays to protect inner equipment, Each shelf can hold up to 18kg in weight (evenly …, Allows you to make a flat base on uneven ground …. Metal sheds require less maintenance, though they should always be well vented to prevent condensation. Buying img source: shedsunlimited.net. How much room do you need for storage and how much room do you need to work? In this article. There are so many things you need to take into consideration. Over 35,000 products Double doors are good for sheds that store bicycles or any large items of garden equipment. If you are only planning to store a few items, or the shed is intended for single person use, plenty of smaller sizes are available. This is a very common type of shed design, and has an inverted V-shape with the peak in the middle. How to build a shed Think about what you’re going to store in your shed, so you can find the right size. An afternoon and this guide from Homebase is all you need to build & erect a shed. this could include stopping by your homeowner’s association’s office and see if there are rules about sheds you are not aware of. Be sure to read the Safety Tips guide before attempting any installation. Here you’ll find purpose-built utility buildings and storage solutions that suit your exact needs, space requirements and budget. It’s also a good idea to check the ridge and eaves height of the Sheds you’re looking at, as well as the height of the door. High quality and affordable wooden sheds of all sizes are available to buy at Sheds.co.uk, but recognising exactly which model will be the best for you and your garden is not always easy. Shed Buying Guide - Garden Sheds NZ Our buying guide will help you through the process of selecting the ideal shed for your needs, also informing you of what the requirements are for shed assembly, location & foundations. Before you buy a new garden shed, there are three main factors that you will need to take into consideration: Price - As with any other large purchase, you will carefully need to consider your budget before you commit to buying. There are a few important factors to consider and understanding how they influence your purchase will ensure you pick the shed that best suits your needs. Plan ahead - Research online & … Read it now. Although the wood in both sheds is pressure treated, and comes with a ten-year anti rot guarantee as standard, the more expensive model has shiplap tongue and groove clad walls which are 12mm thick and a floor that is also 12mm thick, plus a heavy duty mineral felt roof covering. Best Workshop. Shed Buying Guide. Choose a style you like and make sure that the door position and the size of the shed is right for the things you will be doing in the shed. 28x44mm finish rounded four corner framing. Whether you decide to purchase a shed from us or through somebody else, our hope is that this guide will help you get the right shed the first time. At Homebase, there’s a range of pressure treated sheds that come with a 15-year conditional manufacturer’s guarantee against rot. If in doubt, opt for a slightly larger shed, as it's always best to have too much space than too little. A cheaper shed might be tempting in the short run, but you may end up needing to replace it in a couple of years’ time, so go for the best shed you can afford. Cut out the confusion and make finding your perfect shed a breeze with this handy guide. if you haven’t done this before, seek professional advice. It’s best to measure the space you’ve got available in your garden (considering extra dimensions like roof overhangs and window openings) before you buy. A hard wearing 10mm solid sheet floor fitted as standard. 10’ x 20’ Sheds or 12’ x 24’ Sheds — Plenty of room available for a workshop. COVID-19 Update to Customers All of our stores in New Zealand are open and continue to have a comprehensive range of measures in place to keep team members and customers safe. In order to make the process of choosing the perfect shed more straightforward, here is our Wooden Sheds Buying Guide. They offer great storage space for bulky items like garden furniture and bicycles and can be your hobby … With plenty of options available, visit Bunnings' shed buying guide to see what you need to consider. We have a Metal Sheds Buying Guide for you right here – one that is sure to answer any questions you may … The big ticket items that made our shed more expensive included vinyl siding (about $400) and architectural shingles (about $100). 0 shares. Jade Harding. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings to enhance your experience. If you plan on using the shed as a workshop or office, you’ll want to have mains power installed - this will need to be done by a professional electrician. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about storage building sheds, … Created using soft wood and suitable for a wide range of uses, there is a variety of timber sheds to choose from including: No matter which type of shed you choose, they each require a certain level of maintenance. You can find a list of everything you’ll need on our ‘How to Build a Shed’ guide, as well as full instructions on how to do everything from planning to assembly. Assembly is relatively straightforward, and there is always an instruction manual to help you. To install the shed, the builder will need 3 feet of clearance on all sides. Sheds, Buildings and Storage Buying Guide. From the base to assembly, we can walk you through the process. Make sure the shed comes with a guarantee. Get your head around how to erect a fence with expert help from Homebase. If you’re renting, you’d have to run the idea by your landlord. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Low spots where water accumulates is not good. Or something more individual?Do you need it to store … Shed Buying Guide Read More » If you want somewhere to use as a base for all of your crafts and hobbies, a workshop is ideal; it allows you the area you … Ready within 1 hour, Over 150 stores Hinges and locks should be regularly oiled, and leaves should be removed from the roof to prevent damp. There’s always going to be that item that’s a bit too bulky to get stowed away in the house. Size Matters Most NZ councils will only allow up to 10m² of floor area and up to 3.5m of height above the floor level before you require a permit. This is why it's important to create a list of everything you'll want to put into your new shed and compare it to our Guide to Square Footage, below. Sign up to our newsletter to receive all our latest promotions, inspiration and advice. Metal sheds are a practical alternative to traditional wooden sheds, and are available with different features, including sliding doors - making it much easier to move large items in without the door blowing shut. How to felt a shed roof If you have a Body Corporate / Cross-lease or live in a Historic area you should check on that too. When it comes to doors, it pays to know beforehand what you will be using your shed for. Purchasing Tips. Then you will not have to go through the … If you have a large family, with lots of bikes and garden equipment, it would be better to consider a medium to large size shed, an 8’ x 6’ size is a good starting point. Most sheds require you to purchase a separate base to keep them level and as sturdy as possible. If the shed doesn’t specify if it has a lock, you should purchase one just in case. Read it now. Whether you are expanding your existing shed or purchasing a new one, it's a long term investment.