They are all known as the Dragon Pokémon. There's no reason to make it part poison or fairy. commented Jan 19, 2014 by Sir Dan. ♦ Protect is a status move (prevents moves from affecting your Goodra this turn). Why is goomy a dragon type? While her … And Fairy seems just gratuitous. Thank you Pac-mau for the skydome! ♦ Draco Meteor is a special STAB-boosted 130-base power Dragon-type move (lowers your Goodra's special attack by 2 stages). Their designs may … Instead of making Altaria part Dragon-type, they should’ve made Milotic part Dragon-type. good!" Why are they Dragon types? Goodra is a part of the Underused (UU) tier of competitive battling. Goodra doesn't look like it'll break into OU at the moment. If anything, it could've been Dragon/Bug, I guess, since it's based on a mythical creature that looked like a mix between a big lizard and a snail. Why is Goodra known as the Dragon Pokemon? However, Mew was said to be the progenitor of Pokémon,… In One for the Goomy!, after Dedenne was protecting it from Tea… Does Misty Terrain reduce the power of Dragon moves from Flying type Pokemon? After all, it hits Fairy-types, which are one of the things it's weak to. However, as Goomy started bonding with them they learned it was easily frightened such as when it hid from Clemont's Dedenne since it was part Fairy-type and Goomy was a Dragon-type. Now, Goodra is a Dragon type Pokemon. Vrokorta: Unlike Sliggoo, Goodra loses her acidic slime covered body, & goes back to being a slippery slime ball, with the addition of thick fat that adds to the slipperiness (
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