And in the case of some, even once found aren’t especially easy to solve. There’s a waypoint there that can be teleported to for fast travel. RELATED: Genshin Impact: How to Uncover the Secret of the Uninhabited Island. You should see some breakable rocks. Once you agree to team up, the quest will kick off. Reaching Genshin Impact’s Secret Uninhabited Island. Genshin Impact: Uncover the Secret of the Uninhabited Island Guide. Genshin Impact - Trails in Tianqiu Walkthrough. The sprawling open-world of Tevyat hides plenty of secret quests for players to discover. Related: Genshin Impact: Uncover the Secret of the Uninhabited Island Guide Once you've spent the key, head to the entrance of Liyue Port to encounter Mona and start a cutscene. Before you set off on your quest, you’ll need to be prepared for the challenges that await you. Once inside the secret island, players can get their hands on a number of treasure items. How to "Uncover the secret of the uninhabited island" in Time and the Wind Quest - Genshin Impact:1. Destroy the rocks and pick up the Ragged Notebook. Firstly, players will be rewarded with the '"Seeds of Stories, Brought By the Wind' achievement for finding the secret island. However, a lot of Genshin Impact players have discovered a secret island in the map while returning back to the starting point. These are pretty much trials you need to complete. Next, look for the campsite on the beach just beside the ruins. There are 3 "secrets" you need to uncover. Here’s a quest guide for Uncover the Secret of the Uninhabited Island in Genshin Impact, a somewhat … The secret island not only has a few treasure chests but also a great questline for players to discover. Time and the Wind is a World Quest available in the Anemo region of Genshin Impact. QUEST REWARDS; ... Unlock the secret of Tianqiu Valley. Genshin Impact: How To Observe The Shadow On The Sundial In Time The Wind Quest; Genshin Impact: How To Open The Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula; Genshin Impact Mona Story Quest Guide — How To Start And Complete Astrolabos Chapter; Genshin Impact: Uncover the Secret of the Uninhabited Island Guide As stated, this island is off the coast of the starting location. Once there, players might start swimming to it, but they’ll run out of stamina before they can get there. 1 Steps 2 Notes 3 Gallery 4 Idle Quotes 5 Dialogue Reach and explore the Island to start the quest. Time and Wind is a semi-hidden World Quest unlocked after reaching the Nameless Island, found underneath a breakable rock. Uncover the secret of the uninhabited island. First, you must have at least one party member with you who has the Anemo, or wind, element, such as Traveler, the protagonist. Before players can worry about how to disperse clusters of wind, … Uncover the secret of the uninhabited island Find the "Ragged Notebook" item by destroying the breakable rock on the south end of the island and read it. You’ll get a hint if you read the book in your inventory. Image courtesy - Genshin Impact official Twitter.

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