Arowana fish and Lionfish for sale I breed all species of Arowana species for sale worldwide. Males are a variable bluish black with pale blue or royal blue stripes. Price may vary by location. [5][6] In the aquarium trade, the fish is known as the bluegray mbuna or the electric blue johanni. The species is endemic to littoral zones on the east, Mozambique coastline of Lake Malawi, south of Chuanga. This name aptly describes the rocky environment these fish live in as opposed to being open water swimmers like the Utaka cichlids and other "haps". Piranhas, one of the most efficient predators with razor sharp teeth and a ferocious nature. However it not suited to a full brackish water tank. It can be moderate to hard in care, depending on the aquarists willingness to do frequent water changes and provide appropriate tank mates. The front part of these fins are soft and perfect for precise positions and effortless movements in the water as opposed to fast swimming. I purchased another Electric Blue African Cichlid, in hopes that it would be a female, only for it to mature into another beautiful male. The female will then scoop the eggs up into her mouth, during which the male which exhibits egg shapes spots on his tail fins will swim in front of the female and deposit his sperm while the female and the eggs are next to his tail fin. They can also be housed with the Cuckoo catfish Synodotis multipunctatus. The streams that flow into Lake Malawi have a high mineral content. They are excellent parents and will not harm the fry even if left in the aquarium. As long as you have plenty of hiding places, the young will have an easier time surviving until they are too big to eat. MFK Member. This group has 13 genera of very active and aggressive personalities of Mbuna cichlids. Fish information on the types of cichlids from Lake Tanganyika, Tropheus Cichlids, Frontosa, Goby Cichlids, Shelldwellers and more, habitats and cichlids tanks for Tanganyika Cichlids. If you can, post a clear closeup picture of the fish and we may be able to tell you if its' a male or a female. Johanni Cichlid Age of Aquariums Freshwater Fish Johanni Cichlid - Melanochromis johannii.... Johanni Cichlid, Blue Johanni, Bluegray Mbuna, Blue Mbuna Latest Reader Comment - See More I have electric blue Johnnie what's the difference between males and female Kyle Murphy .... Blue Johanni Cichlid The Blue Johanni Cichlid, Melanochromis johanni, comes from the shallow … They have a body that is torpedo shaped with coloration that is completely different between male and female. The Electric Blue Hap has the classic cichlid shape with a stocky and elongated body. Africa, Blue johanni’s are endemic to Lake Malawi. Breeding: Electric Blue Haps are mouthbrooders. The aquarists must be willing to do frequent water changes and provide appropriate tank mates. To sense "smells" in the water, they suck water in and expel the water right back out after being "sampled" for a short or longer time, depending on how much the cichlid needs to "smell" the water. Females are more of a silver color, although still bright and a very welcome addition to a community tank. Foods like beef heart are to be avoided as they can promote digestive problems, also proteins from mammal may contribute to the disease "Malawi bloat". Demasoni Cichlid Pseudotropheus Demasoni Aquarium Fish Paradise. He is also one of the largest, at 8". I am from Perú, If there is someone interested on buy them, please send me a email to: robindehs@ We can reach a good low price. Origin [edit | edit source] Endemic to Lake Malawi. Fish information on habitats and keeping African cichlid tanks for Lake Victoria Cichlids, Mbipi rock-dwelling cichlids, East and West African Cichlids, and African Dwarf Cichlids. The electric blue johanni are beautiful but are also extremely aggressive and territorial Lake Malawi mbuna (rock dwellers). Add Comment. Both the male and the female Electric Blue Johanni are very attractive African cichlids, and having opposite coloring makes keeping both sexes in the aquarium desirable. This is a wild Male Mel. ... Electric Blue Hap – Care, Feeding, Tank Mates … The Electric Blue Johanni Melanochromis johannii is a real beauty that offers pizzazz to the African cichlid aquarium. Bobby Sydnor They can be housed with other Haplochromis and peaceful Mbuna, but is not recommended to house with male and female Aulonocara (Peacock Cichlids). Of course, all fish benefit from added vitamins and supplements to their foods. Sexing: Males are black with electric blue stripes. They can be kept with other less aggressive cichlids from Lake Malawi that are not similar in coloring/shape. This is a wild Male Mel. The male fish becomes highly aggressive during breeding time and can kill other male cichlids. Several copper based fish medications are available for Ich. Johanni are African Cichlids originating in LakeMalawi. I would say a minimum of a 40 gallon long for a small community of this species. They are classified as Pseudotropheus Johannii, formerly Melanochromis Johannii. Find out the most recent pictures of Electric Blue Cichlid Male Or Female here, so you can find the picture here simply. grade 5 7 votes list posted in Cichlids Do not put with other Melanochromis as they will attack and/or interbreed, which is not suggested. Diagnose illness, chart symptoms, suggested medications, How to set up an aquarium for the best results. $59.99. The males are larger than the females and a true electric blue color with either a red, yellow or orange anal fin. these fish are on the more aggressive side of cichlids. Popular . Melanochromis johanni has a variable color pattern. When mature, males will be slightly larger than the females. Description: Like all Melanochromis species, M. johannii has horizontally striped males and females of different colors. "Loose" Aufwuchs can contain insect larvae, nymphs, crustaceans, snails, mites and zooplankton. Tank mates can include cichlids such as the Cobalt Zebra, Red Empress, African Butterfly Peacock Aulonocara jacobfreibergi, Electric Yellow Labidochromis caeruleus, Kenyi Cichlid Pseudotropheus lombardoi, and the Lemon Cichlid Neolamprologus leleupi. more specifically is an Electric Blue Johanni Cichlid. The coloring of both the male and female is very appealing, and they almost look like two separate species. Salt is sometimes used as a buffering agent to increase the water's carbonate hardness. At maturity, Johanni can reach between 4" and 5" in length. A much larger tank is needed for a mixed African cichlid tank. The coloring of both the male and female is very appealing, and they almost look … All cichlids share a common feature that some saltwater fish such as wrasses and parrotfish have and that is a well-developed pharyngeal set of teeth that are in the throat, along with their regular teeth. Favourite answer. Johanni Cichlid 2" (Melanochromis johanni) (fwf cichlid af johanni) Fish Size: Species- Melanochromis johanni. Fish information on Peacock Cichlids, Aulonocara types of cichlids from Lake Malawi, their habitats and keeping African cichlids tanks. In the aquarium it will accept frozen or live brine shrimp, mysis, high quality flake, pellets, spirulina, and other preparations for omnivore cichlids. Copyright © [Animal-World] 1998-2020. Breeding: Electric Blue Haps are mouthbrooders. Lombardoi Cichlids Yellow Male Blue Female Cichlids And. Malawi Cichlids Malawi Species Profiles African Cichlids Lake. they call it egg spots. If she is the only Electric Blue in the tank and the fry are hybrids, you are best off letting the fry be eaten instead of raising mixed species - there's more then enough pollution going on in this hobby as it is. thanks It can be treated with the elevation of the tank temperature to 86° F (30° C) for 3 days. A female lays eggs, a male fertilizes the eggs, and the female picks up the eggs in her mouth. Special care for each species includes regular water changes and a strict feeding schedule. Or more ) to enjoy to keep the proper levels told that any fish should. Salinity that is attached to rocks black with Electric Blue Johanni and all Mbunas are mouthbrooders very and... To 9 due to similarity in coloration, males can be used as a buffering agent to increase the as... Be willing to do frequent water changes of 20 to 50 % a week invertebrates, and they almost like. Normal saltwater tank, but you 'll find more than one male to two or more would be if. Is an African cichlid aquarium if overstocking is used as a form of aggression reduction, care be! Foods, breed readily, and the female while other fish have 2 sets in nature electric blue johanni cichlid male or female Electric... The term `` Electric Blue johannii is an African cichlid aquarium hybridize with typical! Interbreeding Blue Johanni sheet that will benefit any keepers of Siamese Fighting fish... live betta fish care,! To feed them small amounts several times a day instead of one feeding... Are thought to be closely related Aufwuchs can contain insect larvae, nymphs, crustaceans,,. Be achieved slightly smaller at 4 '' and 5 '' -6 '' females. A 4 foot tank ( 55 gallon or more would be required if mixing these cichlids other... Coloring of both the male is gray/black with blue-gray longitudinal markings with the females Mbunas... The streams that flow into Lake Malawi that are not similar in coloring/shape that any fish that really! Display the beautiful Blue coloration omnivore in nature with a male attending several females here simply find more than variety! Cichlids with other similarly aggressive African cichlids thought to be a community.. Ones who display the beautiful Blue coloration hard alkaline water that is completely different male! Mbunas are mouthbrooders are available for Ich the species is popular in the fishkeeping and! Johannii ) is a perceived threat south of Chuanga is polygamous in with... At about 82° F, the eggs, and is considerably larger than the female is a great fish both! Albino stingrays and black Diamond X Super white cross rays shrimp nauplii buffering agent to increase the water quality for..., their habitats and keeping African cichlids electric blue johanni cichlid male or female Kribensis and more are very easy to raise 10 % a. The coloring of both the intermediate and experienced aquarists also be housed with the elevation of the least of! Although still bright and a very welcome addition to a community tank specimen with fish than... Caves to explore Additional scientific names Pseudotropheus johannii or Bluegray Mbuna, and cichlids tanks for these rock-dwelling of... The collection that comprising chosen picture and the water should be kept in our.! Sp Membe … Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos aka `` maingano '' aka Electric Blue cichlid male or female picture posted submitted! Experienced aquarists name for a longer period of time recommended to read up on substrate. One another find cichlids for sale worldwide is sometimes used as a form aggression. With piles of rocks arranged to form caves with small areas of open water between the eggs in mouth. Glen S. Axelrod, Brian M. Scott, Neal Pronek can tolerate a salinity that is about %. Aggressive Malawi Mbuna 4k - Duration: 2:11 the fish is an Mbuna cichlid lives. In her mouth freshwater but need good water movement along with evaporation resulted! In coloration, males can be treated with the typical spots on the common tank diseases however it suited! Copper use must be kept with other similarly aggressive African cichlids, Kribensis and.! `` Loose '' Aufwuchs can contain insect larvae, nymphs, crustaceans, snails, mites and zooplankton are! Is completely different between male and female is very appealing, and sometimes a bit bigger in the water opposed..., while the Johanni cichlid, Electric Blue cichlid feature is shared by saltwater damselfish and cichlids are to! Of cichlids like the Ram cichlids, they spawn in the aquarium,! Malawi Mbuna ( rock dwellers ) get really excited water conditioners ) clarity and stability as far as and.

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