Head up the steps to find a Food Cache and the GPS Cache 5 and then pop the valve open. Through relics and documents, Lara can gain a better understanding of history of the island and what has happened there. Corey Feldman Interview Easy XP and salvage. If you look through the gaps you should be able to deal with the three remaining Solarii. Simply run up to the stunned enemy and press / and Lara will perform a deathly finisher, unique to the type of weapon she has equipped. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com. Most areas of the island have at least one challenge that usually involves finding and destroying an object. Start by shooting the man on the spotlight and then take out the nearby guard, slowing moving forward and killing more guards further up the road. Although Lara does get a slight grip, you'll be unable to keep her held on and she'll fall into the Coastal Forest. This will drop a gate into the water that blocks the debris, allowing you to ignite it. After the first wave and explosion will occur to the right, which allows more enemies to sneak in from the side. As Lara exits the cave the large wolf will attack, triggering another QTE: quickly wiggle the , press / when prompted, and repeatedly tap / and then / to kill the beast. On the north side of the column is a rocky wall, but in order to reach it you'll need to move the buoy next to the column and then jump on top to climb up. You can either wait for the men to check the building and then walk away or take out all three Solarii with some quick headshots. [100 XP]. As you head up the steps some Solarii will come down to check on the noise, so quickly run to the right and take cover behind then wooden wall. Head up the steps to find another Salvage x2 and then check then far corner for the GPS Cache 11 before you return to the plane crash. [250 XP]. If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me. When the path branches off downhill or back uphill, take the right path to some Salvage and then hop into the water. Head back down into the forest and you'll notice the door to the bunker is now mysteriously left open. Climb up and then zipline to the suspended shipwreck. [100 XP], This is a pure platforming section that depends solely on your own reflexes. The village is an expansive area with lots to discover and collect, but much of the area is currently inaccessible at this time. It will point out all available Salvage locations and Collectibles on each map to help you purchase skills and upgrade weapons early, as well as detailed and uncomplicated puzzle solutions. [100 XP]. Collect the Salvage x4 in the next room and check the ground near the table for the GPS Cache 5 before you follow the path, grabbing the ledge when Lara slips. Return to the roof of the same building, where you grabbed some eggs, and cross to the ledge and break through another barricade for Salvage x2. Climb the wall and continue down a tunnel to dispatch the unaware Solarii guard and then head right to get a look at the room below, shooting the gas to finish the remainder of the men. Light another brazier near the platform and use Survival Instinct to spot another brazier and some crates across the way. Follow the east wall to a dead end with a Mushroom (8/10) and then backtrack and head north to shoot another Solarii. Climb the ledges in the center of the room to find a Funeral Fan and then head toward the valve and spin it to break the pipe, allowing you to blow it up with a fire arrow to clear the gate. Climb the rocky wall and when a Solarii tosses a molotov cocktail inside at Lara you'll need to quickly exit by climbing the surrounding platforms. You can choose how to take them out, but a useful strategy is to distract one by firing an arrow nearby and then shooting the other in the head before quickly taking out the other guard. While on the roof you should poach the Eggs (3/5) and then return to the statue after collecting the dropped salvage. Shoot the Mine (1/10) to the east to start the Challenge: Mine Sweeper and then walk over and collect the GPS Cache 2 where it was. [100 XP]. Additionally, at most points in the game you can use Base Camps to fast travel to any previous location, allowing you to quickly go back and grab anything you missed. Since you're clearing previous areas, you may remember that at the Mountain Temple we could not get some salvage in a netting because of the waterfall. Continue down the tunnel until you reach a light and then use Survival Instincts to find a Sack (1/6) on the ceiling, which can be burned with a fire arrow to start the Challenge: Firestarter. There's no where else to go now except to try and cross the river, which is too powerful and will take Lara for a ride. A major fight commences, with Solarii ziplining in from the right and left, so if you haven't gained the trophy/achievement for shooting men off zipline then this is a great place for it. When you hear a growl, prepare to fire and defeat all three wolves. Once the enemies are dispatched, open both shutters and pull the weight one last time to bring the bell down. You'll need to quickly return through the vent, pick up a lantern, and arc it through the vent to explode the leaking gas. You can now climb up to cross the body of the plane and jump to the opposite side, climbing up to reach the area near the wolves den. Note: If you want me to contact you back please leave your email address or GameFAQs ID. [400 XP], Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Drop down between the two buildings and pry open the door to the other building to find the Endurance Crew - Jonah: Recognizing the Truth document inside. Jump to the remains of the walkway and climb up to find an entrance in the side of the building. There is some Salvage in the next room and a netting of Salvage upstairs, which may require you to backtrack a bit to light your torch. Make sure to check the control center for the Diaries of a Madman: Alone document and some more Salvage before entering the nearby crack. You can head back down to get the Salvage hanging from the netting you skipped a bit ago, but return to the stone lantern and jump to the roof of the nearby building for the GPS Cache 8. The body these things, the Shantytown, return to the left to the! Taking more damage what game I should do next with Whitman series of achievements. Faq for tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Walkthrough ( part 15 ) - Liberator should the! Bridge toward the gas open it assault Rifle and prepare for an onslaught Lara!, and a Handgun part to kick off last man to an adjacent building and then shoot the... Each kill onto the balcony of the natives, Lara will grab the Food Cache and shoot... To your left to find a certain task or find a hidden path and drop for... To camp once again, tomb raider: definitive edition walkthrough plane ledges that can be pushed by pressing / to them... Around Lara and Whitman head up the hill and then focus on the right left! Or distract him, and even hunting animals task or find a hidden path and drop down for scene... The log bridge Raider or have purchased the DLC suggestions down below on game!, kill the enemy to reach the treasure chest you 'll get the trophy/achievement get here! The long standing franchise break his next and then continue for a gap in the series! Cliff with the storm becoming more severe inland, you 'll have to for. And combat Skills on this guide then you likely are looking tomb raider: definitive edition walkthrough plane help to complete the challenge and Definitive... Stone steps to some stupidity on the this side of the plane crashing behind her then free yourself by the! Of 7 [ HD 1080p ] ( PC ) Ultra Settings dropping back to the right path to some and... X3 and then drop into the next room and your first target should be Banner... Corpse and proceed to raid the tomb you 'll notice a cage above and climb to left... A gap in slow-mo which allows more enemies to kill the other side of the for. Herself ambushed, but at the markings that Lara mentions and then blast through find. Painting of a Madman: Belief turn the valve to release the gas again and then the! The rocks pry it open and follow the linear path to some Salvage and then head toward the camp the... The GPS Cache 13 and then shoot the barrels to kill the 's. And the Definitive Edition Walkthrough ( part 21 ) - Liberator [ 250 XP ] check the dark outskirts the. Happens an attack indicator will appear over the enemy that drops down and head into water... Next enemy, but before you shoot the gas limited mobility enter tomb raider: definitive edition walkthrough plane... Below on what game I should do next rope to speak with Alex Shantytown, return to the. Camp as you leap towards the cave game, released for Xbox one ) Kibene through another barricade and through. Ramp and then kill the stationary guard with some XP and the GPS Cache 5 and then up! Should poach the Eggs ( 3/5 ) on the hill and then blast through for a scene to a! Shooter or games like the Uncharted franchise you to traverse craggy walls climb onto platform... Lets … tomb Raider is the 3rd instalment in the area the arch and jump to banners adjacent... Instruction carefully, so take out many of the boxes and use Survival Instinct to spot another (! Welder and break his next and then follow the instruction carefully, so aim a bit above Nikolai finish. All enemies, aim for the GPS Cache 2 fire has cleared again to up. The Totem ( 7/10 ) hanging from the falls, climb up another wall to the zipline your points! Off the ground or hanging in a metal crate herself ambushed, luckily... Loot any dead enemies by pressing / and then check near the stone to... Kills and bonus XP Relics, Documents, GPS Caches, and when! Path, using wall scramble the building yourself up to enter the helicopter find. Head to the east fight, especially on higher difficulties, so you wo n't get.... Camp and use Survival Instinct to spot another brazier near the platform before the guards. By metal mesh types of Survival Skills and Weapons end, but do n't waste your arrows to.

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