You can also search the Unusual Bird … We will then join together to enjoy our Christmas supper. In addition to unique birds and fantastic scenery, New Zealand has a well-developed infrastructure, visitor facilities are up-to-date. Let your imagination soar! A portion of the proceeds from these limited-edition Tree Runners will go towards Forest and Bird’s conservation efforts. NZ Bird Rescue Charitable Trust accepts and cares for all New Zealand birds – both native and non native. Our ‘Monthly Choice’ competition will be ‘Bromeliad Christmas arrangements’. if any breeders listed below refuse to give you a receipt and insist on cash only then please email david dix ( the lorylink will not advertise breeders with this payment policy. To learn more about reportable species visit our Rare Bird Sightings page. 25th-26th: 31st July-1st-2nd August: NORTH TARANAKI. (Please bring a plate!) The Society was formally established at an inaugural general meeting on 24 May 1940 and incorporated in 1953. New Zealand Birds Online - The digital encyclopaedia of New Zealand birds. We will also have our annual ‘Rare Plant Auction’ and end-of-year prize giving. Our Centre is located at 74 Avonleigh Road, Green Bay, Waitakere, Auckland. if you are purchasing a bird from a new zealand breeder do not pay with cash unless you get a receipt - always get a receipt for your purchase no matter how you pay. The Ornithological Society of NZ, Inc. (OSNZ) launched the most comprehensive survey of New Zealand’s avifauna in August 2007. Topflite National Show Auckland City Council Bird and Reptile Ban As you may have heard, Auckland City Council has passed a bylaw banning the keeping, breeding and selling of a number of parrot and reptile species. A collection of images, sound files and information about New Zealand's unique bird species. The Society’s quarterly news magazine Birds New Zealand provides updates on society schemes, projects and events, highlights interesting bird sightings, and offers a forum for members to report on trips. This ban comes into effect on 1st September 2022. On this page, you can find out all about the society … Just like the Hoiho, this exclusive shoe only lives in New Zealand, so waddle on over, choose your size, and support our flightless friend! Allbirds have proudly created the Hoiho shoe - Bird of the Year champ 2019! The New Zealand Birding Network is a group of operators located throughout New Zealand offering bird-watching orientated tours, excursions and accommodation. We work with over 4000 birds each year including orphaned chicks, and victims of cat attacks, road accidents, pollution (eg botulism), human cruelty or bad weather. New Zealand Birding operators. Welcome to Birds New Zealand, the popular name for The Ornithological Society of New Zealand Inc. 24th NOVEMBER SOCIETY MONTHLY MEETING. Submit your rare/unsual bird sighting by simply filling in the online reporting form here.

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