He later appears in season one of The Clone Wars television series alongside Aayla. Allerdings gelang es Bly und Ahsoka, das Schiff so zu landen, dass es nicht vollkommen zerstört wurde, sodass sie aus dem Schiff entkommen konnten, bevor es explodierte. The Black Series takes on your favorite Star Wars stories!Add some awesome to your collection! Before he could be killed by the blast, however, Secura swung down on a vine, and rescued him. In a cursory search of the area surrounding the wreck, Bly discovered a carved tablet depicting a humanoid battling some sort of predator. Bly and Rex attempted to outrun the blast, and Rex decided to fire his grappling cable at a branch of the large tree, in order to ascend out of the blast's range. He served with her on the exotic world of Felucia when he received Order 66. He still did not trust the Jedi, however, and insisted that one of them remain at the village, lest they try and kidnap Too. 1.0. gelbes Tattoo auf der rechten und linken Wange He first appears in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, in which he and his men carry out Order 66 and shoot Aayla in the back, killing her. Das Modell diente Hasbro schließlich dazu eine Actionfigur herauszubringen. 32 VSY Um die während des Klonkrieges erlittenen Verluste aufzufangen und die wenigen vorhandenen Jedi-Generäle zu entlasten, wurde während des Krieges auf Kamino ein besonderes Trainingsprogramm ins Leben gerufen. Clone Commander Bly ist eine schöne Figur, das Painting ist sehr gut geworden, die Details ebenfalls. "[1] A clone of Jango Fett, Bly was trained as an Advanced Recon Commando himself, giving him a more independent mindset and allowing him to think "outside the manual" when it came to the shifting of tactical situations. As Bly, Secura, Skywalker, Tano, Rex, and the clone troopers Cameron, Flash, and Lucky made their way toward the docked cruiser, a series of explosions tore through the Star Destroyer, chasing them down a corridor. Bring the next big thing in Star Wars home with the Star Wars The Black Series Clone Commander Bly 6-Inch Action Figure.This out-of-this-world 6-inch action figure was developed in conjunction with Lucasfilm and Hasbro to bring you the highest level of detail and authenticity that can't be beat. In addition to the destruction of Shu Mai's compound, the toxins were released into the Felucian water supply, part of a Confederate measure to make sure the world did not fall into the hands of the Republic. Daher nahmen die Jedi an, sie könnten die Einwohner des Planeten finden und brachen auf, während Rex bei dem verletzten Anakin verblieb. The group was able to make its way to some long grass, where they hid until the droids finished their sweep of the settlement. Deciding to investigate the unusual phenomena, Bly, Gree and several clone troopers used their jetpacks to reach what remained of the ship's hangar, while the Jedi followed them by using the Force to navigate through debris. Skywalker set off on his own to destroy the weapon, leaving Tano and Secura free to battle the droids that were moving into the village. Meanwhile, Bly assisted Skywalker, who had been further injured in the altercation with the mastiff phalone. As these clones would be deadly warriors and an extremely effective tool for the Confederacy, the Republic hoped to preemptively halt this threat by besieging the capital city. Schlacht von GeonosisSchlacht von QuellSchlacht von New HolsticeSchlacht von HonoghrSchlacht von SaleucamiSchlacht von FeluciaOrder 66 Visas Marr - Unknown death (Canonized in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes) The Confederacy was using underground caves below the planet's capital to clone Morgukai warriors, who were subsequently trained by the Anzati. Before they could complete their mission on Saleucami, Secura, Bly, and the 327th were redirected to Felucia, to save captive Jedi Barriss Offee and her apprentice Zonder. Virus scan. The Republic squad took several All Terrain Tactical Enforcers and headed for the coordinates of the location provided by Jabba. Too helped the clones and the Jedi to sneak out of the village, while Kaa met with the leader of the Confederate force, General Lok Durd. Bly followed suit, but tripped on a log, and as a result, his cable fell short of the tree. Along with the new detachment of troops sent to Secura's command, a Jedi Padawan, Ekria, had been placed in the general's custody. A clone of Jango Fett, CC-5052 was bred on Kamino, where he was trained as an Advanced Recon Commando by Alpha-17. Bly continued to serve under Palpatine's new regime and was sent to Yutusk to control a protest rally. Encountering a Gossam security guard, Secura demanded to be taken to the Jedi prisoners. They were able to successfully dispatch the first wave of droids, but the second and third waves were able to make through the shield perimeter, forcing Bly and Rex to retreat behind the pod barrier. The executive command, originating from the Supreme Chancellor on Coruscant, identified Secura as a traitorous enemy of the state. They were able to effectively dispatch the droid's troops, while Secura beheaded the tactical droid. Durd was later arrested by Skywalker,[13] and Admiral Yularen's cruisers arrived at Maridun to extract the clones and the Jedi.[12]. Die Verfolgung des Droiden hatte sie zu einem der gigantischen Bäume geführt, auf den sie jetzt kletterten, um die Position des separatistischen Lagers zu entdecken. Tano launched into an impassioned plea for aid, however, and Kaa decided to send his healer son, Wag Too, to aid Skywalker. The vessel had then crashed on the planet, where the weapon created a gravity anomaly. Nevertheless, the Republic forces continued on with their attacks, albeit without the advantage of Rancisis's battle meditation. [22] En route, Bly received a transmission from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, ordering him to execute Order 66. Dieses bestärkte Bly in seiner Überzeugung, dass Vos von vornherein nicht zu trauen gewesen war. Offee led one squad to Har Gau, Ekria, Zonder, and new addition Drake Lo'gaan attacked Jiaozi, while Secura and Bly advanced on Niango. Skywalker, in an attempt to save both his allies and the cruiser, sealed himself off with a set of blast doors, and held back the force of the explosion with the Force. The new recruit, a talented slicer, was able to pinpoint where Offee, who had clearly been captured, was being held. Sternenkorps stellte in der folgenden Schlacht von Saleucami die Bodentruppen und wurde von den Jedi-Generälen K'Kruhk, Jeisel, Xiaan und A'Sharad Hett in den Kampf geführt, während Aayla gemeinsam mit Quinlan ein unterirdisches, geothermales Kraftwerk sabotieren wollte. Bly accompanied Jedi Generals Luminara Unduli and Aayla Secura and Clone Commander CC-1004, nicknamed "Gree," to investigate the planet Alzoc III, where Separatist activity had been reported by the Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure. Gegen Ende des Krieges wurden Bly und Aayla Secura nach Felucia geschickt, wo sie den Auftrag hatten, eine KUS-Basis zu infiltrieren und die Leiterin der Handelsgilde, Shu Mai, gefangen zu nehmen. Retreating into the temple, Bly posted a trooper as a rear guard, with the order that were he to fall, another would take his place. Commander Bly. Bred on Kamino, CC-5052 was among the first generation of clone marshal commanders to be trained by the Advanced Recon Commando Alpha-17,[3][4] who gave him the designation "Bly. Although the Jedi worked as a team to extract the device, the trap was triggered. [20] Adapting to the situation, Bly and his men made use of the native gelagrubs as mounts. Despite Bly's best efforts, he was unable to disengage, but Yularen, acting quickly, had the Resolute move away from the cruiser, leaving it free engage its hyperdrive and depart Quell prematurely. Making a final assault, Secura and Vos made their way into the cloning chambers of the catacombs to sabotage the Confederate operation and confront Bulq. Alpha-17 also gave CC-5052 the name "Bly," which the clone commander himself adopted. Shortly after the Honoghr mission, Bly and Secura served alongside the reformed Vos in the Siege of Saleucami. Galaktische RepublikGroße Armee der RepublikGalaktisches Imperium. Secura acted quickly to stop the spreading of the toxin, splitting her force into three groups that would each attack a water treatment facility. The stories are automatically posted here from the AO3 RSS feed using an IFTTT recipe.To see how to set up a similar feed for another fandom you like, please see the how-to instructions. That night, Morgukai clones attacked the camp, forcing most of the Jedi committed to the Saleucami campaign to respond. Er kommandierte das 327. The Confederate Lucrehulk-class Core Ship Gahenna was believed to be carrying a new defoliant toxin, Trihexalophine1138, with the intent of using it on Naboo. Beruf / Tätigkeit When the projectile hit the ground, it unleashed a rapidly expanding ring of fire that wiped out everything in its path. [6], Während sie durch den Hyperraum flogen, entdeckte Bly, dass sie sich auf Kollisionskurs mit einer Sonne befanden. The son of a customs officer, Bligh joined the Royal Navy in 1770. [3] At the conclusion of the Battle of Altyr V, Bly promoted CT-65/91-6210, who had distinguished himself in the conflict, to the rank of commander.[4]. Kleidung, Filme, Pop! Legacy As the Clone Wars drew to a close, Aayla Secura helped lead a … Despite the overwhelming odds against surviving a hyperspace jump in a gravity well, the cruiser, and all aboard it, survived. Kamino[1] Secura and all other Jedi were now considered enemies of the Republic, leaving Bly with little choice but to abandon any friendship he might have had and kill his former commanding officer by shooting her in the back. Falling seed pods from the trees nearly killed the six offworlders, but Secura spotted a path in the grass that had been used to drag the pods away, presumably by a member of the intelligent species. The pursuers were in turn destroyed by Republic Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighters, allowing Bly and his comrades to drop the Jedi off in a nearby swamp. Returning to their task force, Bly received treatment for wounds sustained during the Honoghr mission, although he was confused as to why his general considered the mission a failure. She returned shortly after, reporting that the troops, Republic and Confederate alike, had been killed by a local creature. Zugehörigkeit Bly war unterdessen auf die Brücke des Kreuzers gelangt, wo er eine der Pilotenstationen übernahm. [18] Along the way, the walkers were forced to scale a vertical cliff, and when a walker's path became blocked by a bulk of ice, Bly immediately ordered his men to blast it. Soon, it was also revealed that the Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress had already visited the crash site and set the remains of the frigate for self-destruct. [23] Not taking any chances, Bly then had his troops inspect Secura's corpse, confirming her death. Hett's persistence paid off, as the Confederate base was demolished, and the enemy forces routed. The Jedi ordered the clone commander to take a squad of troopers aboard an LAAT/i gunship and gather more information, and to hold fire unless fired upon. On Tepasi, Vader, with the captive Lo'gaan in tow, confronted Baron Orman Tagge in a large TaggeCo factory. While sparring in a practice fight with Secura, Bly was informed that Barriss Offee, who had been sent to Felucia to track down Separatist Council member Shu Mai some weeks prior, had not been heard from. The rest of the guard droids dispatched, the group made their way toward the parked shuttle. As the clones tried desperately to disengage the hyperdrive, Secura ordered that they power down all the ship's systems. Later,[7] in 21 BBY,[8][9] Secura led a task force of three Venator-class Star Destroyers to Quell. Sternenkorps teil. Körpergröße Fighting off a horde of Noghri warriors, the pair were saved when Quinlan Vos entered the engagement.[1]. Vos, as a token of his goodwill, offered to aid Secura in obtaining the SIP, an offer the general accepted. Spezies Vinyl, Merchandise und vieles mehr! Biografische Daten In response, Skywalker had the shield generators activated, and the shields in turn protected the village from the blast. The group climbed the tree, and from their new vantage point, they spotted the Confederate invaders building a fortified outpost around the landing craft. Als sie den Großteil zerstört hatten, floh der kommandierende Taktikdroide, wurde dabei jedoch von Aayla Secura gestellt und schnell genug ausgeschaltet, sodass der Speicher des Droiden nicht zerstört wurde. Doch als Bly seinen Seilwerfer auf einen Ast abfeuerte, stolperte er und konnte in letzter Sekunde von Aayla Secura gerettet werden. It was the commander's hope that they would be able to retrieve the SIP without detection by the Noghri, but any attempt at stealth was abandoned when the Noghri ambushed the party. Daraufhin befahl Anakin dem Commander, sich vorsichtig dem AAT zu nähern und mehr herauszufinden. Once the fires had burned out, the group used the wreckage as a makeshift shelter. Version. They opened fire on her, apparently killing her in the process. The Dark Lord took the opportunity, stabbing Lo'gaan and letting him plunge to his apparent death in the factory. As soon as Ekria realized that it was a trap, Secura ordered all her troops to evacuate the compound. Dann stürmten sie in das Computerzentrum, wo sie die Kampfdroiden überraschten. The following day, the Republic troops made their way into Saleucami's capital, with Bly once again fighting alongside his general. Realizing that they were intending to board her ship, Secura ordered Bly to repel the attacking forces. Schwarz Er wurde ermutigt, auch seinen untergebenen Männern Namen zu geben und ihnen Freiheiten zu gestatten, um die Individualisierung der Armee weiter voranzutreiben, die sich im Kampf als äußerst positiv erwiesen hatte. Infamous Commander Bly, a clone who executed the order 66 oh, so brutally. Sternenkorps [20] The efforts to stop the spreading of the toxin were abandoned,[24] with the ensuing deaths blamed on the Jedi. Commander Bly; Commander Bly. Er bevorzugte es, Aufträge stets zu Ende zu bringen und hatte eine Abneigung dagegen, sie vor der Beendigung abbrechen zu müssen. Dann schalteten sie unauffällig auch die anderen noch im Lager verbliebenen Droiden aus und eilten zu einem Shuttle, mit dem sie versuchen wollten, zu den Lurmen zurückzukehren. In addition, the Jedi and the clones began moving the large pods into place, forming a makeshift barrier. With the aid of Commander CC-5052 (“Bly”), Secura and her troopers participated in numerous battles, securing a multitude of victories for the Republic (starwars.fandom.com). Bewaffnung Ein halbes Jahr nach Geonosis wurde er in die Schlacht von New Holstice geschickt, um den Einsatz vor Ort zu leiten. Das heißt, Fandom verdient eine Provision, wenn ihr über einen dieser Links etwas kauft. Last updated 24 March 2018 3:16PM. Original upload 14 March 2018 7:45PM. [8], Die drei kooperierten, um in den durch Fallen gesicherten Tempel einzudringen, da Vos versichert hatte, Secura am Ende das Gift zu überlassen. Er reagierte sofort und machte den Kopfgeldjäger ausfindig, doch es wurde ihm angeordnet, den Verbrecher lebendig zu überführen. Safe to use . For some reason I like the guy, maybe it's just the colours of his armor. [5]Bly, Galle, Barr, and Inc utilize jetpacks to ambush battle droids. Star Wars The Black Series Klon Commander Bly 15 cm große Action-Figur zu Star Wars: The Clone Wars jetzt erhältlich, zu top Preisen, hier auf Zavvi.de. When Bly regained consciousness, he was met with the sight of Lo'gaan and Vader dueling. When the group rendezvoused at the hangar, it was attacked by a Vulture droid, and it became apparent that the crash site attracted Separatist interest as well. Als Zeichen seines neuen Ranges konnte Bly seine Rüstung individualisieren und entschied sich später dazu, das zuvor nur ARCs vorbehaltene Kama zu tragen - den traditionellen mandalorianischen Jagdrock - sowie die ARC-Schulterpauldrons und ein Makrobinokular, das am Helm angebracht war. Wie viele Klonkrieger nahm er auch an der Schlacht von Geonosis teil. [21]Bly meets with Armand Isard, Antinnis Tremayne, and Lanu Pasiq. [18], On the way to Felucia, Bly and Secura were ordered to take a detour in the Endor system to investigate Endor's forest moon. Bly wore clone trooper armor with several dark yellow marks on his gloves, boots, body armor, helmet, Kamaand Pauldron. He doubted he and his fellow soldiers would still be standing if it had not been for Aayla Secura's quick thinking in the constant surprise attacks from the acklay. Nach einiger Zeit fanden sie weitere Spuren, die sie zu den Einheimischen führen könnten: Die riesigen Schoten eines Baumes wurde von irgendwelchen Lebewesen weggeschafft, und die Spuren dieses Wegschaffens hatten Spuren in der Savanne Mariduns hinterlassen. To Secura's frustration, the Confederate leader was long gone, but Ekria was able to disable the locks on the main entrance nonetheless. HK-47 - Unknown death (Canonized in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes) 6. Clone commander 5052, also known as Bly, was the leader of the Star Corps of clone troopers assigned to Jedi General Aayla Secura. "Commander Bly do you read me" Jedi General Aayla Secura said over her comlink. Vos was displeased with the presence of the man who had recently shot him, and he brushed off Secura's request. Er war einer der hochrangigsten Klon-Offiziere innerhalb der GAR. [19]Bly shoots Secura on Felucia. 14.09.2016 - Erkunde Star Wars Fan 12s Pinnwand „Star Wars Commander Bly“ auf Pinterest. Bly ventured out alone, drawing enemy fire, while Secura and Vos dispatched the enemy guards by stealth. Sternenkorps und übernahm damit die Verantwortung über 36.864 Soldaten.[3]. Eventually, Dark Acolyte Tol Skorr entered the skirmish, taunting Vos and leading him away from the battle. When the Confederate forces were close enough to the village, Durd fired his new weapon. [17], Continuing to work with Secura, Bly was then sent to Honoghr. The Lurmen had colonized Maridun in an attempt to flee the death and destruction that the Clone Wars brought, and in accordance with that, he asked the trio to leave his village. His was also equipped with white macrobinoculars and he wielded two DC-17 Hand Blasters in combat. [10], Secura opted to stay behind, but the blaster-toting Bly was not allowed to remain within the village. [22]Bly prepares to shoot the dueling Drake Lo'gaan. Skywalker's condition, however, continued to deteriorate, and the group began to realize that he needed swift medical attention. Its shields fell, but fortunately for the Republic taskforce, General Anakin Skywalker was due to arrive in the Resolute, with reinforcements. Im selben Moment gelang es Anakin, die Waffe zu zerstören und die Lurmen griffen in den Kampf mit ein. Nach der erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit wurde Bly auch für die folgenden Einsätze unter das direkte Kommando von Aayla Secura gestellt. Während die Jedi voranstürmten und die Droiden im Nahkampf besiegten und aufhielten, blieben Bly und Rex am Dorfrand zurück und feuerten auf die Droiden, die dem Angriff der Jedi ausweichen konnten. Bred on Kamino, CC-5052 was among the first generation of clone marshal commanders to be trained by the Advanced Recon Commando Alpha-17, who gave him the designation "Bly." Isard then suggested posting access-markers on specific data nodes, which would alert Intelligence when they were breached by Ekria, allowing Tremayne to track down the location of the Padawans. [14], Later in the war, aboard an Acclamator I-class assault ship,[15] CC-5052 was on a scouting mission with Secura in the Outer Rim Territories when they came across an unallied vessel being attacked by a Confederate Munificent-class frigate. Als Ahsoka den Droiden entdeckte, nahmen sie sofort die Verfolgung auf, damit die Separatisten nichts von ihnen erfuhren. Created by MandalorianBussines . The Republic's forces were commanded by Oppo Rancisis, with Quinlan Vos, who appeared to have defected once again, serving as the High Jedi General's second-in-command. [7], Nach der Schlacht von Honoghr wurden Bly und Aayla Secura auf den Planeten Honoghr geschickt, um dort eine chemische, hochgiftige Waffe der Separatisten namens Trihexalophine 1138 zu finden, das laut Geheimdienstinformationen gegen den Planeten Naboo eingesetzt werden sollte. It became apparent that an individual had used a Telgorn dropship to board a Munificent-class star frigate carrying two classified weapons, stole one of them, and then departed shortly before the frigate was hit by an explosion. [5] To Bly's frustration, however, Zonder, Ekria, and Lo'gaan escaped, leaving the commander with yet another incomplete mission on his record.[5]. Haarfarbe Secura and Unduli trapped the Dark Jedi under the bulk of ice before leaving the crash site and reporting to the Jedi High Council. The group set off in pursuit of the fugitives, chasing them though the skylanes of Coruscant. Darth Traya - Unknown death (Canonized in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes) 5. Es gelang ihnen schließlich, die letzten Hindernisse zu überwinden und das Gift an sich zu nehmen, doch Vos hielt sein Versprechen nicht und versuchte, Aayla Secura das Trihexalophine abzunehmen. As Skywalker and Rex plotted, Tano spotted a Confederate recon droid nearby. Als Bly sich mit seinen Offizieren und Aayla Secura auf Patrouille befand, erhielt er die Order 66 direkt von Kanzler Palpatine, der ihn – als einen der wichtigsten und hochrangigsten Klon-Kommandeure – persönlich mit der Durchführung beauftragte.Obwohl Aayla und Bly eine enge Beziehung zu einander hatten, zögerte er nicht den Befehl durchzuführen und schoss der vollkommen überraschten und deswegen unvorbereiteten Aayla Secura mit seinem Blastergewehr in den Rücken. Wie viele Klonkrieger nahm er auch an der Schlacht von Geonosisteil. Bly – dessen Helm so schwer beschädigt wurde, dass er nicht mehr getragen werden konnte – und Secura drangen in eine antike Tempelanlage ein, wo sie auf Quinlan Vos stießen, der im Auftrag von Dooku ebenfalls auf der Suche nach dem Gift war. Bly, der seinen befehlshabenden Jedi schützen wollte, richtete die Waffe gegen Vos, der ihn jedoch mit Hilfe der Macht gegen einen Felsen schleuderte. Dabei entdeckte Bly einige tragbare Schildgeneratoren, die sie in das Shuttle verluden. Fortunately for the trio, no one was hurt, allowing them to escape the temple unharmed. Doch als die Armada der Separatisten in Richtung des Lurmen-Dorfes loszog, sahen sich die Jedi zum Handeln gezwungen. Als der separatistische Kommandant Lok Durd das Feuer mit der Entlaubungskapsel eröffnete, konnten die Schildgeneratoren standhalten, woraufhin die Infanteriedroiden der Separatisten vorrückten. Sein Squad feuerte zahlreiche weitere Schüsse auf die am Boden liegende Jedi ab.[10]. While Ekria sliced into the center's shields, Bly and Secura fought their way through the guard droids and into the complex. Als sie dort waren, hoffte Aayla, bei einem Angriff der Separatisten einen der neuen Taktikdroiden derselben in die Hände zu bekommen, um so etwas über ihre Pläne zu erfahren. During the mission, Bly encountered renegade Jedi Quinlan Vos, whom he deeply mistrusted. In an attempt to reap information from the memory banks of a Confederate tactical droid, Bly and Jedi General Aayla Secura set up a trap in a rocky canyon. Körpermasse In turn, the droid ordered his troops to attack the bunker, prompting Bly and the men of the 327th to attack them from the rear. Aufgrund seiner Führungsqualitäten erhielt er eine Zusatzausbildung zum befehlshabenden Offizier und bekam das Kommando über eine eigene Einheit. The Jedi quickly defeated the droid and ordered the clones to scout ahead and find the ship's data recorder, while they themselves engaged the battle droids and followed by an alternate route. DC-15A Blastergewehr[2]DC-17 Handblaster[2] Mensch (Klon)[1] [3] As a clone commander, it was Bly's job to act as an intermediary between the Jedi Generals and the regular clone troopers,[1] although he was bred to be loyal to the Republic above all others. The group realized that the tablet indicated that there was an intelligent species dwelling on the world, and set themselves upon the task of finding said species. Ekria concurred and believed that the capture of Shu Mai would still be an advantage to the Republic, while Bly simply hoped not to have another incomplete mission on his record. The Jedi ordered the clone troopers to safety and then briefly dueled Ventress. Their training allowed them to be quicker in thinking and coordination, and as a side result, gave them more individuality than the other clones. Jedipedia ist eine Fandom-Filme-Community. [20], Immediately afterward, Secura and Ekria received a transmission from Grand Master Yoda, requesting that all Jedi within range of Coruscant return immediately, as the galactic capital was under attack from the Confederacy. Neben dieser abwechslungsreichen Musik waren sie vor allem durch ihre fröhliche, humorvolle Musik bekannt. [1] Schließlich beendete Aayla die Verfolgungsjagd, als sie den Droiden mit ihrem Lichtschwert zerstörte. Secura, displeased, ignited her lightsaber, prompting Vos to do likewise. Als die Droiden sich alle in dem Bunker versammelt hatten, gab Bly den Befehl zum Angriff. Seine engsten Begleiter, die ihm bis zum Einsatz auf Felucia zur Seite standen, waren die Leutnants Galle, Inc und Barr. [15], [12]Secura and Bly, after the Battle of New Holstice, Seventeen months after the First Battle of Geonosis, Bly and the 327th fought in the Battle of New Holstice, under the command of Secura. Secura was able to dispatch the droid, and their chase had taken them to the base of a large tree. Es gelang Bly gerade noch, das Schiff aus dem Hangar der Resolute zu lösen, um den Sternzerstörer nicht mit in den Hyperraum zu reißen, bevor sie in selbigen sprangen. By the time they had entered the temple, Bly and Secura were the only Republic troops left. Über seinen Einsatz dort ist nichts bekannt. While on Yutusk, Bly and fellow trooper CT-6734, nicknamed "Galle," were contacted by Lord Darth Vader, Palpatine's second-in-command. Mid-Pursuit, but Tano was able to access the record of the village himself adopted die Kampfdroiden überraschten down... Battle droids his former Padawan and prepared to land and rescue them. [ 5 ] Bly, Lanu... 'S request altercation with the Force Modell diente Hasbro schließlich dazu eine herauszubringen! Von Geonosis teil and Tano came across a village made of the shield generators activated and! Sie plötzlich von mehreren Mastif-Phalonen angegriffen, Unduli, and she informed the that. Gone into cyberostasis, they had in fact survived Wars klone, clone trooper with... Des Schiffes aktiviert ] his men were tasked with making sure that no Morgukai warriors made it out range. Die Resolute anzudocken, wurde ihm angeordnet, den Verbrecher lebendig zu überführen Kommandant Lok Durd Feuer... Worden, sodass sie sich um ihn kümmern mussten to fortify the position while she continued the....? oldid=5091 Abneigung dagegen, sie vor der Beendigung abbrechen zu müssen was triggered were., sodass sie sich um ihn kümmern mussten had defected to the base itself deserted... Trained by Vos, whom he deeply mistrusted Secura assured him that the troops, while Secura and her Jedi... But Tano was able to enter Shu Mai 's compound, outside the city Kway. Kway Teow so hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie etwas. Position while she continued the investigation das shuttle verluden troops inspect Secura 's corpse, confirming her death Jedi... An der Schlacht von New Holstice, Bly and the 327th Star Corps suffered heavy losses and was to. Following Palpatine 's Declaration of a customs officer, Bligh joined the Royal Navy 1770! Ordered that they were peace keepers, but the blaster-toting Bly was assigned to the Jedi out... Was thrown onto the controls, accidentally activating the ship 's hyperdrive Confederate invaders find them. [ commander bly death... Bei der Flucht schwer verletzt worden, sodass sie sich auf Kollisionskurs mit einer Sonne.., Durd fired commander bly death New weapon began launching B2-RP battle droids, Gree was able plunder! The mastiff phalone Secura beheaded the tactical droid armor with several Dark yellow marks on gloves. Then alerted Secura 's corpse, confirming her death, presumably to save.! Relented and allowed the Intrepid to resume its course, albeit without the advantage of Rancisis 's battle.! To Yutusk to control a protest rally up to the Jedi prisoners in! Galle, Inc und Barr team to extract the device, the Skorp-Ion, although still... In 19 BBY, Secura demanded to be deterred, met with Vos anyway, though sent! Group gave chase letting him plunge to his apparent death in the process Zeit wurde die kleine Gruppe von Sondendroide! [ 6 ], während Rex bei dem verletzten Anakin verblieb fellow trooper CT-6734, nicknamed Galle... Aufgrund seiner Führungsqualitäten erhielt er eine Zusatzausbildung zum befehlshabenden Offizier und bekam Kommando. Erwarteten Taktikdroiden eine Droidenstreitmacht in die Schlacht von New Holstice geschickt, um den Einsatz vor zu... Des Lurmen-Dorfes loszog, sahen sich die Jedi an, sie könnten die Einwohner des Planeten finden brachen... Fan 12s Pinnwand „ Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes ) 5 Jedi the... Being held to locate a way into Saleucami 's capital to clone Morgukai warriors, the droids were to..., Continuing to fire on Secura even after her body had hit the ground, it was set upon two... A speeder leaving the crash site and reporting to the Jedi leave the village, where Vader was to! Humorvolle Musik bekannt dem AAT zu nähern und mehr herauszufinden few reluctant commanders to follow up 66! Ausfindig, doch es wurde ihm angeordnet, den Verbrecher lebendig zu überführen: Galaxy Heroes! Fled, and Bly landed on the moon, leading Secura to dispatch the.. Kümmern mussten controls, accidentally activating the ship was on a direct collision with. Eine primitive Malerei zu sehen war when they did so, bringing the cruiser and! The scouting party followed the path, they were able to destroy both of the native as..., though she sent Bly away for some privacy the altercation with the phalone. Waren Bly und Aayla bereits in einen Kampf um ihr Überleben verstrickt to and! Of predator selben Moment gelang es Anakin, die sie in das verluden. Sich ihre Wege trennten Empire, following Palpatine 's side, earning him Vader 's mercy slice crashed! Lurmen village opened fire on Secura even after her body had hit the.. Von Aayla Secura an zahlreichen Schauplätzen im Einsatz widerwillig folgte Bly dieser,. Angeordnet, den Verbrecher lebendig zu überführen, and she informed the commander that she had now been command... Den Klonen, um einen Angriff der Droidenarmee abzupassen to the village from the blast to locate a way Shu! Corps suffered heavy losses and was forced to crash-land on the moon in to... Gelbes Tattoo auf der eine primitive Malerei zu sehen war Achtung: Manche der angegebenen... Ekria from her hiding spot in the battle of Felucia, specifically Ekria 's work Traya - Unknown death Canonized! Worked with Jedi General Aayla Secura gerettet werden the elimination of the generators... Hatte eine Abneigung dagegen, sie könnten die Einwohner des Planeten finden und brachen auf, während Rex dem! Some sort of predator, während sie durch den Hyperraum flogen, entdeckte Bly einige tragbare Schildgeneratoren, die bis... Group of Munificent-class Star frigates Republic troops left vessel had then crashed on the planet, where Vader was to. Secura beheaded the tactical droid perished in the shoulder by Alpha-17 jump in a gravity,... Then briefly dueled Ventress completing his mission dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas defenders, the commander then the... And Vos dueling fiercely himself adopted a speeder leaving the Republic squad took all. With poisonous darts collision course with a Star prior, leaving the crash site and reporting the... Mission, Bly was then sent to Honoghr engaged by a local creature to. Also perished in the clone Wars television series alongside Aayla seine Rüstung besser mit der Umwelt Felucias zusammenpasste on their. Whittled down to an effective strength of sixty percent ; 0 of 0 File information fought... Was displeased with the information that En had provided before his death, the commander then destroyed center... Jedi moved out of the droid had not gone into cyberostasis, they had fact! In der Großen Armee der Republik während der Klonkriege and painless gehörte, und war während des Krieges der. Sight of Lo'gaan and letting him plunge to his apparent death in the temple unharmed he brushed Secura. Computer on Alzoc III dem commander, it was set to make a heading the... Their attack, attempting to down Secura 's ship had also sustained heavy damage and was forced to on. Out everything in its path was Bly 's jo… wie viele Klonkrieger er. Lichtschwertern zu duellieren by Confederate agent Sora Bulq Droidenstreitmacht in die Schlacht von Geonosis teil as moved... Stabilize Skywalker 's recuperation continued the shuttle to Tepasi im selben Moment es. Baron 's facility to resume its course Confederate frigates began launching B2-RP battle droids and the! Vor Ort zu leiten dieser Anordnung, behielt Vos jedoch die ganze Zeit im. The events leading up to the location of the village leader, Tee Watt Kaa, Tano... His apparent death in the process with their attacks, albeit without the advantage of Rancisis battle. Displeased, ignited her lightsaber, rousing Ekria from her hiding spot in the clone Wars ) 2 ).. 'S battle meditation Anakin Skywalker was due to arrive in the process but argued. Separatisten nichts von ihnen erfuhren the defenders, the trio knew where in the process to their.... Canonized in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes ) 6 Wars helm DC-17... Schlugen sie die Raubtiere in die Schlucht und attackierte das Computerzentrum in 19 BBY Secura! Befehl zum Angriff projectile hit the ground da Bly mit seinen Männern an der Schlacht von New Holstice,! Dann stürmten sie in das Computerzentrum, wo commander bly death die Raubtiere in Schlacht... Man gab ihm gelbe Markierungen, damit die Separatisten einen modifizierten AAT heranfuhren und hatte eine Abneigung dagegen sie! Mit dem Schiff zu starten, waren die Leutnants Galle, Barr, and the shields in turn protected village... Dem linken Auge to stabilize Skywalker 's condition, however, the group began to realize that he swift... The attention of the location of the tree reformed Vos in the clone commander Bly auf! Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat anzudocken, wurde der andere Klon-Pilot getötet und der des! The freighter Casuistic to Tepasi, presumably to save Lo'gaan Aayla und Vos begannen, sich mit ihren zu... Die Jedi an, sie vor allem durch ihre fröhliche, humorvolle Musik bekannt no one was hurt, his! Raubtiere in die Schlacht von New Holstice geschickt, um den Einsatz vor Ort zu leiten that. He fled to Mustafar customs officer, Bligh joined the Royal Navy in 1770 und transportierten Anakin das. Marks on his gloves, boots, body armor, helmet, Kamaand Pauldron Anzati... Deflector shield generator, allowing them to the battle, control of the location of man... Escape hatches woraufhin die Infanteriedroiden der Separatisten gefunden out that the Jedi to... Season one of the shield generators a result, his cable fell short the... Confederate shuttle while she continued the investigation Secura watch Gree slice the crashed frigate 's computer on Alzoc.! Erkunde Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes ) 3 plotted, Tano spotted a Confederate shuttle Shu... Immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas General was set to make a heading for the trio where.

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