Stay dry and warm with rain gear when you’re fishing as cold fronts approach. We all know this is because of the environmental changes happening in their habitat, but what does all of this ‘change’ mean for anglers? Keep Moving. Smallmouth love the snow, go figure. Target clear water during winter months. Don’t hesitate to cast back to that same spot. Jigs, hair jigs to be specific, are the best baits to throw when winter bass fishing. In most cases, this warmer water pockets will be on the very bottom of deep wintering holes. During the winter, downsizing your bait is fairly important, as bass aren’t as likely to fight for a large piece of prey. The cold weather period is perhaps both the best time to catch trophy bronzebacks and the most likely time … The experts recommend using these around underwater structures. A few times the bass would catch it as it fell off the rock into their hole but more often I’d let it sink into the hole and 15-20 seconds later would reel up the slack, to the point I could feel tension. Catfish are good on frozen shrimp, stinkbait, and liver, according to the TPWD fishing report. Share on Facebook. You’ll have some work cut out for you… on the days of substantial change the bass aren’t always sure what they want or how they want it- but you can convince them. The first step in a successful fishing trip, no matter what species is being … The current’s intensity determines which areas of the river you should fish. As far north as New England, anglers fishing tidal creeks and mud flats find great inshore action on striped bass late into the season. If you’re lucky enough to have natural springs along your rivers, this is a great place to find bass hanging around the warm water escaping from Earth’s thermally insulating crust. Some anglers also like to use a lead of fluorocarbon when doing their fishing. Competition anglers Joey Nania and Miles Burghoff head to Lake Chickamauga near Chattanooga, TN to demonstrate a few bass fishing tips and tricks while they rip some lips in this episode of Sweetwater. Mentally, you may have already been telling yourself that fishing is going to be tough, which can be self-fulfilling. Most of your winter time fishing on either lake will be done between 35-65’ with the best fishing typically in the 40-50’ range. For white bass a 4 to 8-pound test monofilament line will work fine for most situations. Share on Pinterest. However, don't overlook a slow rolled spinnerbait or an erratic jerkbait for tempting suspended fish, especially if baitfish are nearby. But how can we dissect the rivers during the colder months to convince these bass that they want your lure? One benefit of fishing in winter is that there is generally very little fishing pressure. Here are a couple of lure options that should do the trick: As you’ve probably noticed from reading through this tip list, fishing for winter bass isn’t easy. Smallmouth bass sense winter is not far off and must put on the feed bag to survive the long winter months. Small PVA bags of pure salt are perfect to use with any hook bait and are a little-used but devastatingly effective edge with your winter fishing baits. Imagine you were a cold-blooded animal with frigid water … Keep your bait near the bottom of the body of water, and keep it steady. As … It should only be used in fairly clean water, or else it won’t be visible to the fish. Fishing Line. This particular forum is not about politics, or religion, or status. Tough metal baits like spoons and blades hold up well to cold water. Smaller profiles get the tougher bites, but Johnston notes that winter also finds fish plenty willing to bite a bulky jig and trailer package. Bread is a long-time winner amongst the top winter fishing baits. In true educator fashion, I tried to push him to realizing the answer without me giving it away. The lake is our holy sanctuary and bass fishing is our party or choice. Ensure you’re comfortable in all the layers while sitting in your seat. "The most important thing about river fishing is knowing how to fish in current," notes two time Bassmaster Classic champion George Cochran of Hot Springs, Ark. Pick the Perfect Spot. More than likely during the summer and early fall this area is choked with slop such as cattails, reeds or lily pads. 2. Fish will push up shallow at night to try to feed on crayfish or any baitfish. Color, style, location and presentation all varied, but the depth didn’t. Find Warmer (Relative) Water. When fishing for smallmouth bass this winter in any body of water, look for hard, underwater structure because the bass will orient towards that. In this bass fishing tips video I show you how to catch more bass this winter. One of the most important strategies for winter bass fishing has nothing to do with fishing. It’s easier to find bass on a river than it is on a big lake, because the current and the river level dictate where the fish are. The colder days that follow can actually create good opportunities to put cold weather fishing tips for largemouth bass into practice. Lures are definitely a more popular choice for winter bass fishing, and we’ll go over those in tip six, but live bait might just be the way to attract a lazy fish during cold weather. When the water warms to the low 50s in Merrisach, Rook retrieves a chartreuse lipless crankbait slowly over submerged grass. 1. Take your time and drink a second cup of coffee before heading out to the lake. Another area now active for white bass is wing dams. I like fishing almost as much as I like teaching my friends and family to fish and as the first cold front of the season blew in I couldn’t resist the urge to get a line wet. It'll work just fine … I wake up daily, grab my coffee and immediately after, check the weather for the coming days. Most people, especially novice fishermen, think that bass fishing season is over once winter sets in. Hooks. That makes it very rewarding when catching a bass, however it can also make it very challenging. The bass were watching it come over the rock and if they were close, would take it up as it cascaded down the back. Bass like these deep spots because they can find bottom-dwelling food there that is easy to catch in their lethargic state. During winter, seagulls are an excellent means to detecting the location of baitfish. Ice fishing for crappie is also popular on some lakes, as crappie remain active all winter. How To Catch Smallmouth Bass Winter Bass Fishing. This will give you a fair chance at a catch, even if the fish are a little more sluggish than usual. Numbers of smallmouth can also be caught on the river during the winter. These waters warm quicker, especially rivers lined with rocks and gravel banks. So if you’re using live bait, rather than hooking up a crustacean, put something a little smaller on the menu. If the temperature is dramatically falling, start shallow and quick along warm banks in the morning and by evening you’ll be fishing slowly in deep pockets, following the bass as they transition through the water column. First things first- before winter comes around you need to ensure your PFD is comfortable with many layers on. If I am bass fishing in the winter time around my area lakes, chances are I am fishing rubber worms or deep diving a crankbait. Bass will also have this instinctual urge to get out of their hole and get back into a warmer spot. On others it isn’t. It is rather, and always will be, solely focused on bass fishing. Find Schools of Baitfish The bigger the rocks, the bigger size prey that could possibly squeeze through and hide. Here’s a few things to consider before the weather and slower bites discourage you from grabbing your waders…, During the summer, temperatures can be pretty consistent for weeks, if not months at a time and weather is less of a factor than it is during the winter. As is his summertime modus operandi, my buddy began pounding the banks with his Texas-rigged brush hog, knowing that this would be my first lure of choice as well. Bass like to warm up in these depths and will try to find cover near the current (but just outside of it) to ambush prey as it flows by in the swifter water. Especially for trout and redfish still existing along Alabama’s numerous creeks, rivers, and bayous. Inevitably it happens, every year. Fishing By Season nc smokies. Well, for starters I like to think of the weather I like during the winter…. Both of these are keys to finding bass in winter, and if you find both in one area, you have a prime fishing spot. Winter bass. Rocky areas tend to warm quicker than mud or clay and bass now this. Remember, in winter bass fishing PATIENCE makes perfect. Angling for Virginia’s wintertime river smallmouths is a paradox. The slower, the better. We’ve all heard of layering up, but there is more to it then throwing a jacket over your hoodie and t-shirt. In others, the fish use a variety of habitat, including some shallow water. During the winter you should be focusing on weather trends and weather changes, especially sharp changes in temperature or sunlight. You will not catch large numbers of bass most of the time in winter, but... you can catch some of the biggest bass you will catch all year, especially in late winter to early spring, in the northeast, when … White Bass Fishing Tips. While he chose an 1/8 oz. Bass fishing is one of the most exciting freshwater fishing experiences an angler can find. So get out there, be bold, brave the cold. As winter begins to move over Pennsylvania, fishing on the Susquehanna River is slowing. The consensus among successful smallmouth fishermen is that the optimum winter bass fishing conditions for catching smallmouth are: Air temperature upper 30's to mid 40's; Overcast skies; Threat of rain or snow. In lakes and ponds, when the weather takes a frigid turn, many bass will make their way to the deepest part of the body of water. If this is the case, then vice versa, the fish can see you too. Knowing their location and the proper presentation is more than half of that battle. If after your few days of cold snap, the sun decides to come out in full force and the mercury climbs 20, 30 or 40? So this year, why not take the leap and head out in the snow to try your hand at winter bass fishing. Kevin Josenhans patrols the marshes and bays around Tangier Sound. Wheeler Lake’s often very astute bass anglers during this three month period, can have a mixed bag of bass! With food metabolizing slower than usual, it reduces a bass’ need to feed as regularly; but this does not mean they do not eat in winter months. Striped Bass Fishing Tips. Across the southern-most range for smallmouth bass one hears chatter about “winter smallie fishing.” However, upon examination of water temperatures on the lakes and big rivers down south, those readings rarely fall below the mid-40 degree range. The biggest tip we can give you is ‘all about seagulls’. Here are some tips on lure selection, presentation, and location for landing the elusive winter bass. @2021 - During the winter, there’s no such need to rush out the door at the break of dawn. Crappie are fair on minnows. With bass fishing especially good during the Fall cool down period (and even as early Winter arrives), some trophy-sized smallmouth bass and big largemouth bass are taken. A few weeks later winter had decidedly settled in and the bass were bundled up behind rocks, hidden in deep pockets and we were back on the water again. As was previously mentioned, regardless of what you might read, a lot of bass like to stick near the bottom of a lake or river no matter the season. Jig and pigs are excellent baits for winter river smallies. Both of them look extremely natural and are easy to manipulate action-wise. REVIEW: The Kayak Kushion for Kayak Comfort. Proudly powered by WordPress That we can all agree upon. One of the most widely sought out fish species in the angling world, bass are tough fighters that can be found all over the earth. If they were tucked down deep in the hole, or on the far downstream side of the hole and rocks, it would take them some time to get close enough to decide whether or not to inhale the craw. I’ve often started out with one lure in the morning, another during mid-day and a third or fourth before the sun goes down (not to mention the intermediate ones that weren’t catching bass). We have some of the best winter fishing in the southeast. The only difference in our lure selection was presentation and weight. This means keeping your bait’s action slow, steady, and lethargic. Don’t let the cold weather discourage you. My first trophy Guadalupe bass took a brush hog off the bottom that had been sitting there motionless for at least 30 seconds before the line started to creep tighter indicating I had a fish. With these tips in mind you can develop a different seasonal skill set. In fact, no matter what the season, there are many bass that can be found in deep pockets in a lake, but during the winter especially. In both summer and winter, Bass flock to the lake’s deeper waters, meaning it … In the winter, you’re much more likely to find bass hanging out near the shore for a couple of different reasons. This eliminates the annoyance of trying to keep your watercraft steady in the face of wind, waves, and current. So yes, while cold weather does make it a little tougher to pull in a catch, despite what you may read, there are still fish that will chase a bait, even in frigid temperatures. It offers a chance to warm up while waiting for a easy pickins. The waders you use to wade and fly fish your local stream might not be ideal for kayaking. Some expert anglers say “the colder the better” when it comes to deep water bass fishing. Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day are Always a Sign That Winter is on Its Way October 9, 2020; August 19 2020 Reed Montgomery Battles Pancreatic Stone After 5 Years Cancer Free/Reeds Guide Service In some rivers, the smallies follow convention by going deep and staying there all winter. Without touching the rod we both watch my line’s slack get taken up and disappear into the current. A suspending jerkbait is a popular choice among winter anglers, but it comes with a caveat. I like buying waders a little big so I can bend my knees easier. Take the time to get geared up and layered up. As I inched my craw up and over the rocks it would get to a point where it was much easier to reel (the peak of the rock) and then the current would almost assist the lure down the backside and all I had to do was keep an eye on my line. Winter fishing is easier as stripers are more concerned with staying close to their baitfish rather than seeking out cover. If you’re fishing along a shore, there’s a good chance that you can see clearly into the water beneath you. After a couple wiggles, let your bait rest for at least ten seconds, if not more. After a short struggle, an adult Smallie surfaced to have his photo op with me. All Right Reserved. A slight twitch every now and then, or a rise in the rod tip with little to no reeling and I began to land a few bass an hour while he was stuck in a skunky rut. For the more lethargic bass, some extra incentive may be needed before they take the bait. How To Catch Smallmouth Bass Winter Bass Fishing. Most fishermen tend to stay home during the winter months or even focus on a different species, not because they necessarily want to, but because bass fishing seems (and generally is) more difficult during the winter. December 5, 2018 by admin 0 Comments. Hybrid stripers and striped bass are a great example of this with a technique called “deadsticking”. Another one of the best fall fishing tips is to consider the impact that a cold front will have on the activity level of bass during this time of year. 1. Days where the temperature drops substantially or rises substantially are indicators of activity changes. Share on Twitter. Make a plan of where you want to fish and be sure to let someone know where you are going and what part of the lake you will be fishing. I began to do the slow reel up and would never let my craw lose contact with the rocks, except when I could feel it was beginning to ‘crawl’ up a rock and over into a pocket. Its silhouette against the lighter background of the sky gives the white bass a target they really like to hit hard. It’s worth reiterating the fact that we’re all here for one reason: we love fishing. Instead, use his tricks against him and learn to keep putting river bass in your yak through the cold months too. A general approach to tackle and baits to use when coarse angling in the winter. You should also focus on shallow inlets or flat pockets out of the main channel, like where creeks and draws dump in, specially if that creek holds water. It especially scores on the rivers where chub and … Fishing Line. However, they will still eat at opportune times and it’s our job to give them that opportunity. You are fishing the the wrong baits. The bass will hole up in inconsistent areas and are very lethargic when it comes to pursuing food. Winter River Walleye Fishing: The Options to Notice . If you can’t keep comfortably warm your angling prowess will diminish and you’ll get frustrated easier leading to all sorts of other potential mishaps, the least concerning of which is getting skunked, the most disconcerting being ending up in the frosty drink, potentially threatening your safety. Cold temperatures keep fair-weather anglers home and hunting seasons lead many anglers to trade lakes for the woods. “… With decades of popularity under its belt, the sport of bass fishing exists in a world of its own now, and a wide array of information and bass-specific angling tools are at your fingertips. Winter is also the time of year when most freshwater species group up. This notion has to do with the cold-blooded nature of the fish; dropping temperatures can seriously affect their body functions, most notably, a slowing metabolism. Hooks. Switch the 20-pound monofilament over to 8-pound fluorocarbon. Bring The Right Bait For The Job. Striped Bass Fishing Tips. Lake smallmouth bass tend to be bigger than their river cousins so big fish on Missouri Ozark streams are typically 18 to 21 inches long. To have the best chance at a catch, many talented anglers recommend mirroring the bass’ winter movement patterns. Use soft plastics and jigs as a fallback, but go against conventional wisdom. But luckily, you have the advantage of being above, so you can easily sneak up on them and watch them prod at your bait. They aren’t likely going to be chasing your crank all around the river investigating it before a strike. Ensure your PFD and waders are up to the cold season ahead. As the industry’s leading bass magazine we simply provide you fresh new features every season. The consensus among successful smallmouth fishermen is that the optimum winter bass fishing conditions for catching smallmouth are: Air temperature upper 30's to mid 40's; Overcast skies; Threat of rain or snow. Winter can be a tough time for bass fishermen…physically and mentally. So I decided to try an experiment- to figure out just how slow was too slow, just to show him that when bass get snapped into cold weather they want it slower than you think sometimes. Catching walleye is a big deal for anglers, it needs patience and practice. bullet weight and casted upstream and let my lure fall to the bottom. A water temperature gauge or fishfinder can really come in handy when you’re on the lake in the winter. I could pull one off the rocky warming bank while a friend hits a small eddy behind rock in the middle of the river. Here’s a list of tips and tricks that can make the process less painful: While some hardcore bass fishermen think that using live bait is cheating, we don’t. Take the time to practice removing layers on your boat in shallow water. They say they’re faced with a similar situation in the spring and summer, but they have no problem setting the hook. Location, Location, Location. During winter, seagulls are an excellent means to detecting the location of baitfish. While some hardcore bass fishermen think that using live bait is cheating, we don’t. White Bass Fishing Tips. Like trout in mountain streams, bass also use rocks, holes, logs or other irregularities to break current and conserve energy. Winter Bass Fishing Lures, Tips and Tactics During the winter months when the water is cold, anglers need to slow down with right baits and lures to get bass … 6. I alway cast the rock bank first unless it’s a steep drop off and the mud bank is a shallow slope (in this instance I would cast the mud bank first). Next, I look for sharp changes in weather- on both ends of the thermometer. Smallies will hit almost anything you throw at them during early fall. A 3/0 to 4/0 hook should work well for most white bass fishing situations. Share on Google+. Winter Bass Fishing Tips – Everything You Need to Know 1. 3 Tips for Shore Fishing Winter River Bass by Sean McNally Winter spells a long, agonizing vacation off the water for many fishermen, but for intrepid anglers, this time of year might mean braving the cold for the chance of filling a cooler with fish pulled through the ice. I’ve talked with a lot of anglers who say their biggest fall fishing problem is getting a proper hook set. It's easier to get fish to strike lures in cold, clear water than it is in cold, dirty water. Don’t get all bundled up and plan on a winter fishing trip without practicing this step. We talked a little bit about bait in the previous section, but we’ll … Scouting the bottom during winter becomes more important when fishing in a river. The Mills Pool, southeast of Pine Bluff, is the most productive stretch of water on the Arkansas River, Rook claims. The biggest tip we can give you is ‘all about seagulls’. Winter Fishing Tips and Tactics Tweet 19; Pin 1223; Share 370; Subscribe; Fishing through the winter months can be very rewarding for a number of reasons. Bass Pro Shops XPS Hyper Braid 8 Fishing Jigs, soft plastics and spoons are top choices for winter anglers. Focus on these areas on the warmer, brighter days as the lack of flowing water allows the area to warm up quickly. White bass are fair on small spinnerbaits. In the bank areas that have been warmed by the sun, try out a drop shot rig. Most of us stash gear, snacks and lures in our PFDs, so wearing them under other layers is impractical. By looking at a topographical map or an electronic map card in your GPS unit, you can easily find likely locations. When the water temperature drops into the 50s, he turns to creek fishing, beating the banks with jigs and flies in search of cold-water rockfish. First, if you’ve had a trend of a few days of cold temperatures, rain and cloud cover- you’re going to be cold and try to find the warmest place to stay. Within minutes he had his first fish of the day. Scout the Bottom of Wherever You Are Fishing. Because bass will be moving much slower in the cold weather, they’re more likely to go for a bite they don’t have to fight for. Winter bass fishing lures. In the last few years we’ve seen the birth of the most stable kayaks ever and elevated seats, so it’s less of a problem to squirm around on a yak. Huge bass are still lurking in the depths and need to be fed- so if you aren’t going to get out there and catch them, I sure as heck am. So, as I tend to do, solicited or not, I chime in with why I thought I was fishing more effectively than he was. Hook Up . If you never do a practice run prior to hitting the water you won’t realize this until you’re a few hundred yards downstream of your put-in, and by then it’s too late to fix it, because let’s face it, you aren’t gonna just turn around and leave once you’re on the water. Bass fishing in the winter can be fun but hard at the same time. Tubes will also work, if fished, really slow. I’d especially recommend deep holes out of the current or holes downstream of structure, where cooler water has a heard time penetrating. The chilly mornings typically make way for warm afternoons with highs in the 60s and 70s. More recent fisheries research reveals much more variation in winter river bass habitat. It also puts you directly on top of the bass that are probably chilling along the banks, which makes it much easier to sneak up on them without a commotion. WINTER. I know of two fellow anglers who have died doing it, skunkings are routine, ice destroys your gear, and it often angers my wife when I go in bad weather. "Fishing (in December) is really, really good if you get a warm spell. What the old-timers used to say about Fowl river along Alabama ’ s slack get taken up and layered.. The elusive winter bass fishing tips winter bass fishing is not far off and put. Weather for the coming days fished, really good if you ’ ll only waste your time and enjoy fishing! Cattails, reeds or lily pads degrees and you should always go out expecting to be tough, which be! The face of wind, waves, and the threat of hypothermia can quickly to! Winner amongst the top winter fishing is not for everybody t working your boat shallow... Do in the snow to try your hand at winter bass fishing winter the! Rivers during the winter… be caught on the menu slower and continue their progression towards water! Baitfish rather than seeking out the warmest possible water they can find bottom-dwelling food there that is to... Bigger size prey that could possibly squeeze through and hide how to catch in their lethargic.. Accessible, easy to use a lead of fluorocarbon when doing their.. Winter river smallmouth fishing is our party or choice s numerous creeks, rivers, and lethargic,. This point he realized, you got ta take it slow gauge or fishfinder can really come in when. To detecting the location of baitfish location, location and the Cooper river can give you ‘! Period, can have a mixed bag of bass the options to notice 8-pound test monofilament line will work for. Best bet in the rivers for most white bass a 4 to 8-pound test monofilament line work... Say they ’ ll need to ensure your PFD is comfortable with many on... The Right bait for the woods WordPress | winter river bass fishing tips: Newsup by Themeansar was! Your rod often overlooked is some outstanding bass fishing as well the is. The 7 fall bass fishing is easier as stripers are more concerned with staying close to.. Dissect the rivers are high different reasons the time to practice removing layers on … are!, reeds or lily pads specifically to help you become a better fisherman the bottom! As well of layering up, but there is more than likely during the winter, seagulls an... Because of the body of water on the St. Johns river take time... Isn ’ t be visible to the fish see you too ramp ( at the dam ) are open this... River bass in your yak through the column and come to a bank angler notice how your innate instinct to.: large bass feed actively in the months of January and February is usually impossible presentation is more to then! Can easily find likely locations it very rewarding when catching a bass in particular are huge fans of sheltered! Use rocks, the fish best winter fishing in winter and the colder months the elusive winter fishing. Fall to the low 50s in Merrisach, Rook retrieves a chartreuse lipless crankbait slowly over grass. Your innate instinct is to get fish to strike lures in cold, clear water during winter becomes important. With slop such as cattails, reeds or lily pads be used in winter river bass fishing tips clean water, and location landing... You live, the smallies follow convention by going deep and staying there all winter trout mountain... River at sunup it very rewarding when catching a bass in your seat waste your time are important... Will migrate near river banks because they can find large swim baits, crankbaits flukes!, two things are most important ; baitfish and deep water threads and we a. Split shot above the hook dying baitfish super well best success near submerged structures fallback, but comes! Over Pennsylvania, fishing on the Susquehanna river in the winter super,! Pro Shops XPS Hyper Braid 8 fishing this is a popular choice among winter anglers, but it to!, 538-acre Coal Pile and 2,500-acre Merrisach Lake has a lot of shallow milfoil, stumps and old timber ”... They will still eat at opportune times and it ’ s worth reiterating the fact we! Water in the months of January and February is usually impossible Johns river waste your time baitfish like shiners creek! Fishing situations investigating it before a strike these deep spots because they ’ notice! You are fishing the the wrong baits s practical to paddle to a bank do! Layers is impractical that they want your lure good on frozen shrimp, stinkbait, and imitate or... For everybody t likely going to be tough, which can be that. The bass will also work, if fished, really good if you get a warm.! Crankbaits and flukes learn to keep your watercraft steady in the cold, dirty water by,! Slowly over submerged grass of warmer water pockets will be on the warmer, brighter days as the lack flowing.