The temperatures are rather mild and sometimes cool at night, but the weather is usually gray and rainy during the day, making it overall rather gloomy. I am an English teacher from Liverpool in England. The southwest monsoon brings in wet and humid weather while the northeast monsoon delivers drizzly, colder temperatures to the north and dry weather to the south. Since Vietnam is a coastal country, there are many beaches that are worth visiting along the borders. In addition at last days of April begins season of tropical showers. In the Northern Vietnam, there are four distinct seasons including spring when the weather becomes wet and warm; summer when there are quite a few thunderstorms with hot weather; autumn whose climate is rather nice and cool and finally winter when cold weather attacks numerous areas in the North accompanied by drizzle. Although not having a lot of online experience yet, he is technically up to date, has a lot of study material he could provide you with and most importantly, Andrew is focused on achieving your goals together by preparing classes completely based on your needs. If you find anything that is not quite right with the translation, please do not hesitate to contact us to make this page better. In addition there is great excitement on the sea through whole winter. Hard impetuous showers with almost daily frequency … I have a degree in International Relations and I have been developing my career as a teacher. I teach Italian and English at school, and Spanish and French as a freelancer. It is important to note that for both the days and the months, the Vietnamese don't have specific names but they count them. As mentioned before, there are no specific names for the days of the week. Though it is often said that the summer in Vietnam is between May and September, there are just two main seasons in Vietnam: the dry season and the rainy season and it is usually not happening at the same time in all three regions. South of the country has average summer daytime temperature about 33 °C (91 °F). - need Spanish to do business. We feel attracted. Variable date at March – Day of Remembrance of Kings Hung. October 20 – Vietnamese Women's Day. It has two iconic seasons of the North: dry winter and wet summer. My personal goal is to ensure that my classes are dynamic, active and fun! When I was student I worked at study center course and I teached english to children. In the event that you intend to Visit Vietnam 2018, all these places needs to really be on very top of one's bucket-list. 2. My classes are designed following a natural and communicative, action-oriented approach. For instance, January would be tháng một = month 1. In general, spring (February and March) and autumn (September and October) are the best seasons to visit Vietnam. Click here. But the Vietnam weather in summer is not bad either. I write down the vocabulary and grammar that the student lacks to express himself. Lesson 9: Clothes. Book a free trial lesson with me and start learning this beautiful language! The summer months … Locals get used to them but unprepared tourists can have troubles. I use games, current topics and digital exercises. December in southern regions means dry season with significantly lesser rains. Asked by chi via Ask a Nomad iPad app. Bach Ma National Park in Hue should be your off-the-beaten-path to explore. Weather averages, seasons, and tips on the best time to visit. Learn Vietnamese - Lesson 10: Months. In this chapter, we will introduce you to the vocabulary about the days, months and seasons in Vietnamese. My name is Daniela and I am a qualified Italian language teacher! I have been teaching around the world in countries that include Indonesia, Malaysia, Belgium, Taiwan and Spain. 1 - If you are looking for a well-structured French program to take you from a beginner level to advanced level to be able to travel to France, i have developed with success my own program which includes 70 worksheets from basic to advance level. Re: Best months to travel Vietnam . Also people with health issues should consider visiting Vietnam at May due to possible difficulties with bearing heat and high humidity. Lesson 6: Numbers (>10) Lesson 7: Food (II) Lesson 8: Animals. December 22 – National Defence Day. Northwest Vietnam in general and Mu Cang Chai, in particular, becomes a real cultural paradise with its gorgeous endless terraced rice fields and rich local culture. Autumn vacation in central regions including Hanoi is quite dangerous. Vietnam has two distinct monsoon seasons. Northern regions are bit hotter with even more precipitation. Find an online teacher, Private lessons, group classes, tutoring and language courses (A1, A2, B2, B2, C1, C2). One-on-one Spanish lessons with me include: - Authentic materials adapted to your needs and interests. - or just want to learn this language because you like it. July 27 – Remembrance Day (Day for Martyrs and Wounded Soldiers)or(Vietnamese War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day). But heat is easier to bear because of ocean breezes. 3 - If you are a VCE French student, I definitively will be able to boost your skills to do well at the exam due to my experience as VCE French teacher and also as a VCE assessor. Weather for months in Vietnam differs due to the fact that the country is divided into northern, central and southern climatic regions. Are you ready to start your language learning path with me? In my opinion teaching mustn't be boring and serious. I love foreign languages, translating, reading and listening to music. In this chapter, we will introduce you to the vocabulary about the days, months and seasons in Vietnamese. In southern Vietnam tropical conditions prevail, and there are two seasons – the wet season lasts from May to November and the dry season from December to April (next year). We have translated the months … I’ve always been addicted to learning foreign languages, be it English, German, Spanish, Turkish or Arabic, so turning my passion into my job was just a matter of time. Vietnam’s biggest cultural event is held every two years, with events in 2020 and 2022. I can help you with that. Seasons. Photo: Minh Tuan/Unsplash . See you soon! ngày ba mốt tháng bảy năm hai nghìn không trăm mười bảy, Take language lessons with a native teacher, Vietnamese keyboard and how to write accents, Exercise to learn how to introduce yourself in Vietnamese, Learn the Vietnamese phrases for introducing yourself, How to talk about the weather in Vietnamese, Fill in the blanks exercise about the weather in Vietnamese, How to tell the time in Vietnamese exercise, Fill in the blanks exercise - days, months and seasons, Days, months and seasons Vietnamese exercise, Mark the words exercise Vietnamese colours, Exercise: asking directions in Vietnamese, Exercises: learn the vocabulary for asking directions in Vietnamese, Multiple choice exercise about the body parts in Vietnamese, Exercise about food and drinks in Vietnamese, Food and drinks exercise fill in the blank, Vietnamese sayings (life, love and new year), Ngày + (1-31) + tháng + (1-12) + năm (xxxx). I graduated from departmant of science teacher at Cukurova University. 3 answers 840 views What fruits are in season in Vietnam during the month of June? Until the very beginning of winter there are occasional raging hurricanes with all the consequences. May 7 – Dien Bien Phu Victory Day. However it varies from north to south, so you might find nice weather at some places but the unwanted weather is still found at the other ones. I am at your disposal for any further information. I adapt to the needs of the students, whether to improve their oral, written, prepare for an exam or a job interview. She helpes me to study italian. My name is Laura Borger and I am a qualified language teacher. Dusk brings little relief dropping temperature to about 27 °C (81 °F). I have lived in different countries such as England, the United States and India. May 1 – International Workers' Day. Contact one of our teachers! It is its Culture that motivates us in our learning: music, film, text, literature, way of being and cultural differences forming "another world". I love multicultural contexts in which you can have the opportunity to meet many people of various cultures and speak different languages, because I consider it as an approach between the many cultures that exist. I also did some experience abroad, living in a host family, precisely in England, Germany and Spain. Central part is much warmer but swimming isn’t comfortable due to high humidity levels. Summertime weather stresses diversity of weather conditions of Vietnam. It gave me some experience of learning a foreign language and teaching it. We want to learn a language because we want to live in the country, travel there or get to know it better. I rely on a method focused on communication and in the development of necessary skills to be able to communicate. In general, Vietnam is a tropical nation affected by the monsoon. Floodings and landslides may occur in the mountainous area. In fact, the months of March to May or early June are perfect for those who wish to … In southern Vietnam, winter weather means temperatures in the 70- to 80-degree F range. Contents: Spring; Summer; Autumn; Winter; Spring in Vietnam. April 30 – Day of liberating the South for national reunification. ✔ Optimal interaction and communication with students. North regions during winter have rather unwelcoming weather. Territory of Vietnam is stretched and has great variety of relief. For example, if you are in need of grammar, I will adjust my material accordingly. Central Vietnam Weather in Huế. I attended linguistic high school and later obtained a degree in English and Spanish as a cultural mediator in the forensic sector. Materials are provided by me! and I teached at homes. That is why also adults who want to make progress in speaking the Dutch language are welcome here! October 10 – Capital Liberation Day. March and April in Vietnam are hot. I speak Spanish fluently, but I do not want to cheat anyone, so I note here that I speak the spanish from Chile. 4 - Finally I have also an extensive experience in teaching French at the primary and middle school level. I base my lessons on the needs and interests of my students. Danang International Fireworks Festival. Teach your favorite language. Good months to see Vietnam is from October until April next year. The North region is no exception. If this appeals to you, press the button and we will see each other soon! November brings drastic reduction of precipitation yet rain occurs from time to time. 0. My name is Katerina, I’m a native Russian speaker and a foreign language teacher from St Petersburg, Russia. The high seasons in central Vietnam are Spring, March through May, and Autumn which is from September to November. There are four seasons in Vietnam, like most of the places. Request a free trial lesson with a teacher of your choice! We are going to learn many things and to talk a lot! Hanoi Average Temperature by Month (Vietnam Online) SPRING Before learning how to ask about the date in Vietnamese, we will learn to how to say days and months first. Rains and heat remain through September and October as well as probability of storms. Practice again and again through conversation, books, music, movies and above all the pleasure of speaking and listening. As their vocabulary becomes more and more extensive and their sentences become increasingly fluid, your children will get more and more self-confident. Discovery Vietnam Seasons: weather, climate, humidity at each region: North, Central and South of destination during a year not be missed when travelling to Vietnam There are 4 seasons in North of Vietnam: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter while Central and South Vietnam have 2 seasons which are Dry and Rainy seasons - need to improve your pronunciation in Spanish, your fluency, your comprehension Meko… There two seasons. In each class you will be able to participate, think, give your opinion and thus you will develop step by step all the necessary skills to learn and master the language. Report inappropriate content . Updated: February 19, 2020 Tommy Ngo Vietnam Seasons 0 comment. We should have fun when we teach so I am waiting you for learn efficient and enjoyable. Tháng again means literally month and you count them as follows: For the word season, the Vietnamese use mùa and then add the word for the specific season: If you want to tell the date in Vietnamese, you should remember the following format first DD/MM/YYYY. Temperature of air shifts to completely acceptable range and water have pleasant 27 °C (81 °F). The cool but mostly dry winter lasts from November to April when temperatures average 17-22°C with the coldest months being January - March. I learned and teach the spanish from Spain and I can explain the differences if you're interested, but that is why I only teach spanish for beginners. In Vietnam, the monsoon circulation is a combination of both the South Asian and Northeast Asian monsoon systems. You just need passion for what you're going to do and... a good Internet connection. At the University of Leiden I completed the Master Linguistics and the Master Education. Anyway voyage to any tropical country should be carefully planned. - Feedback and tips to progress. I learn New things in a great tempo.., im on my way for my celi A1 examination whit teacher Elisabetta i'm gonna make it !! Northern Vietnam has four seasons: during its winter months December-February, it may dip down to 5-6°C occasionally, even below zero in mountainous areas. As languages are my biggest passion, for five years I have been teaching English, Spanish and, if necessary, also German. How convenient! I now teach English and Geography in a secondary school in Liverpool but retain my passion for teaching EFL by doing online lessons. In northern Vietnam, the weather … This time of the year can also see heavy mists that can run for … As non-native parents it is certainly not easy to teach your children Dutch or to help with the fluency of the new language. For instance, January would be tháng một = month 1. Hello =) Some cities with poor drainage can also suffer from floods. Thank you so much!! I offer a free trial lesson of 25 minutes! ✔ Classes adapted to your needs and overcoming your weaknesses. Most of the art, theatre, music, circus and dance performances are held inside Hue’s Citadel. The central region of Vietnam has four seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn. September-February: cool to cold, rainy, cloudy March-August: warm to hot, sunny, clear skies Huế, home of Vietnam’s last reigning dynasty, has a late rainy season, with storms and days that are wet and cool from September to February.Look out for occasional flooding from September to November. Also, the easterly winds and southeasterly winds have more effects in the north which may result in light drizzles (rain dust) and thick fogs on some days in … The fact that I’m not a native speaker of English or German means I’ve been through exactly the same language-learning journey you’re about to take, and thanks to my personal experience as a student, I can make this road smooth for you. May 19 – President Ho Chi Minh's Birthday. Free 7 Day Vietnamese Course. Central part of Vietnam is dryer. While Hanoi and North Vietnam endure a long humid winter sometimes dropping to below 10°C, the Central and South of Vietnam is warm and dry. In northern Vietnam, the weather … Northern Vietnam has a cool to cold season (courtesy of the northeast monsoon from November to March) and a warm to hot wet season (from April to October). - would like to invest in your professional career and you know that speaking Spanish is essential October 13 – Vietnamese Entrepreneur's Day. ✔ I’m fluent in English Do your children need some help with their homework, especially with their Dutch, then I can help with that. In the capital, … The North of Vietnam is generally cooler than other South East Asian regions in the same longitude. Danang’s riverside explodes with sound, light and colour during this spectacular event, which features … In the central part from September to January - rainy weather. Northern part is showery than central regions. Lesson 5: Family. Project Seasons of the Year on YouTube channel. Or if you want to focus on speaking skills, I create activities to develop this skill. May is very hot. This time is an ideal months to visit Ho Chi Minh City and the Southern provinces. In the endangered, Dao families prayed to Ban Vuong and his ancestors to help overcome the accident, to land safely and … The temperatures are not too high or low and there is minimum rainfall. Looking for a language tutor? Find a teacher in your area or take Skype lessons. In Central Vietnam, during the months, the rainy season will end with temperature ranging from 16 to 21 Celsius degree. Looking for a job as a language teacher? Vietnam Add to my places. I've had students of all ages, from pre-school kids to senior generation, and I feel comfortable working with both beginners and those who are eager to take their learning process to a new level. In the northern part, the climate is humid and hot from May to September, from October to March there is warm and dry. That's why I would like to expand my circle of students. Southern part of Vietnam lies in the zone of tropical monsoon climate where seasons are differs only by amount of precipitation and directions of winds. She takes the time and she knows what is the best pace to evolve! I have a Master’s degree in linguistics which taught me to understand the way the mechanism of a language works and thus to help my students see the logics behind the grammar rules. November 20 – Vietnamese Teacher's Day. I am a lively, dynamic and well organised teacher, and I like to provide stimulating lessons where communication is the main goal. At September northernmost regions become sunnier but typhoons cause big waves. I adapt the student's personal work according to their available time and their objective (conversation, deadline for an exam, scheduled trip, etc.). Vietnam climate guide. Avec la modernisation des infrastructures et d’alerte météo, il n’y a pas de danger majeur. I offer English, Spanish and Italian lessons to both young people and adults. In southern Vietnam, winter weather means temperatures in the 70- to 80-degree F range. If you'd like to get to know me and my teaching methods, just contact me and we will do a free trial lesson. Temperature in central regions is about 25 °C (77 °F) and showers are gaining frequency and intensity. * Days in week: The combination of “Thứ” with numbers starting from 2 to 7 will create the days in … - Exercises and activities that will keep you motivated. In the last months … Skip to main content ... but it brings heavy rains in the early months (October-December) along the coast exposed to the east, and light but frequent rains in the north. Le Vietnam est situé sur la trajectoire des typhons et des tempêtes tropicales et est particulièrement touché entre la mi-juillet et la mi-novembre. Andrew is an outstanding teacher - not only regarding his international experiences teaching abroad all sorts of ages, but also his positivity, professionalism, and his open-mindedness. Lesson 2: Food (I) Lesson 3: Numbers (1-10) Lesson 4: Colors. June 28 – Vietnamese Family Day. Low season is typically during summer, which is June to August, and winter, December to February. ✔ Lessons full of planned, sequenced, and gamified activities. Northern regions have tropical climate with a bit more distinctive seasonal changes of weather. I am a cultural mediator and translator for the English and Spanish languages. I prioritize the conversation to allow the student to "unblock" and have fun speaking the language. Did we translate the months of the year correctly into Vietnamese above? Don’t worry if you’ve never studied the language before: everyone can attend my classes – from beginner to advanced students. Water is still warm too. But at August it is literally flooded with rains and typhoons. June 1 – International Children's Day. In the north, there are no obvious specific features of rainy season. ¡Hola!, my name is Juan, I’m Colombian and my native language is Spanish, I’m a certified teacher by Barcelona University in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, I have got more than 2 years teaching Spanish to students from different countries in a face to face lessons and online lessons. My name is Natalia and I am a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. See you soon. ✔ Book your trail lesson Now! Ngày means literally day and can be placed in front of the days but it is mostly left out in the spoken language. The days of the week in … Learning a foreign language is, in my view, above all through cultural curiosity. Anywhere. STORM PREDICTIONS. In order to help you have better overview about what the weather will be like in the next 4 months, we would like provide you with some pieces of information about the weather prediction in Vietnam in the upcoming months, especially about the storms that often hit the destinations along the coastline of Vietnam. In addition at Hello everyone and a big warm welcome to all the fellow language learners. The wet is characterized by high humidity levels and a refreshing afternoon downpour. It experiences two main distinct seasons. However, thanks to its location in a closed-sea area, it is … ✔ Spanish for all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2). And protracted drizzle is everywhere. Being a constant language learner enables me to see the process from both sides and to predict the difficulties my students might face. My goal is that you are able to start a conversation with a native speaker, you can count on grammatical and lexical tools that support your communication. 9 years ago -:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -: … All three winter months are considered as the best time for seaside vacations in southern regions. This leads to four distinct seasons of which Winter (November–March) and Summer (May–September) are the major ones while Spring (April) and Fall (October) are transitional ones. One is relatively dry (November-April) and the other one is rainy (May-October). There is Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you’ve been wanting a vacation on a world famous beach, winter is the best of the weather seasons to take that trip. My experience means I can give classes in conversation, all levels of English, academic or exam classes or Business English. I specialized in Italian as a Second Language teaching and use a communicative approach to teach grammar, with the objective of quickly learning how to effectively communicate in Italian and have fun at the same time! Evenings may be dedicated to wandering and gastronomic experiences in numerous cozy restaurants. This means that learning is not just about learning a list of words and grammar lessons, as is taught too often in school. I am a serious person, reliable, punctual, dynamic, sociable and eager to learn and get involved. ✔ A method based on communication and oral expression. - would love to travel through Latin America or Spain Also there are some national celebrations which held on specific days of Moon calendar. If you’ve been wanting a vacation on a world famous beach, winter is the best of the weather seasons to take that trip. The humidity in the south during the months of June and July ranges between 75% and 85%. Book a free trial lesson and we can have a chat, find out about you and what your goals are in learning English. Summer lasts from May to October when it is hot and humid and the region experiences its highest rainfall. In my classes I encourage you to talk in the language we’re studying as much as possible, putting every single bit of knowledge into practice right away. Weather conditions of central portion of the country are some sort of blend of two mentioned kinds of climate. La saison des pluies n’est pas synonyme de précipitations toute la journée, d'où la saison de la … Warm sea water brings no relief. 2 - If you are thinking taking any DELF exam, I can help you as I have experience in this field (3 years with Ensemble en Francais - online school). 3 Answers. Lesson 10: Months. fruit. This is the feature of tropical monsoon climate type. I am Laura and I have been teaching Italian for more than 30 years. For day you use ngày, for month tháng and for year năm: This was pretty easy, wasn't it? Elisabetta is a great teacher! Winter months bring beautiful weather with mild to warm temperatures and little rain. Warm sea water brings no relief. We’ll be focusing on the topics that are most relevant to your goals, while discovering the language and getting to know more about the culture of people who speak it. Months of the year in different languages On this page we translated the months of the year into Vietnamese. Lesson 1: Introduction. ✔ I’m fluent in Turkish I am passionate about different cultures and try to share my love for French culture with you in a lively way. We can recommend him 100%. No significant temperature changes are observed through whole year. Teaching is significant and enjoyable for me because I like to learn new things with right sources so I care to teach. Winter months bring beautiful weather with mild to warm temperatures and little rain. ✔ If you want exclusive conversational classes OR to study a full level OR a pack of classes OR just to help you with an assignment or homework, with pleasure we can arrange them. March and April in Vietnam are hot. Unlike English or other languages, numbers are used to indicate days in a week and months in a year in Vietnamese. ✔ I have all the materials to teach you, at the end of each lesson you will have your materials and our studied notes. Vietnam … I was born in Uruguay and I’m currently living in Chile. Summer is hot and humid while winter is cool and rainy. Hope to see you soon! According to legend, during the migration to the sea of Vietnam for finding the way of life of the 12 Dao families, after months of drift on the sea, unexpectedly the boat encountered a storm, life threatened. We can practice the everyday language together. Winter (December to March) Spring (March to June) Summer (June to September) Autumn (September to December) Check out these Vietnam tour packages and pack now, so that you can catch Vietnam at its Autumnest. , il n’y a pas de danger majeur a cultural mediator and translator for the and... Southern provinces northern, central and southern climatic regions is Laura Borger and I ’ m native! Day ) ngày means literally Day and can be placed in front of the in. Week in … learning a foreign language is, in my view, above through. To them but unprepared tourists can have troubles Spring ; summer ; autumn winter! Of the North of Vietnam, Taiwan and Spain to make progress speaking. Modernisation des infrastructures et d’alerte météo, il n’y a pas de danger.. January - March regions in the 70- to 80-degree F range in.. At the primary and middle school vietnam seasons months to ensure that my classes are,... Of words and grammar that the country has average summer daytime temperature about 33 °C ( 81 °F and! People with health issues should consider visiting Vietnam at May due to possible difficulties with bearing heat and humidity! Will see each other soon significantly lesser rains Vietnam during the months of the seasons., winter weather means temperatures in the South Asian and Northeast Asian monsoon systems not just about a. Excitement on the best of the year into Vietnamese by the monsoon circulation is a coastal country there. Vietnam vietnam seasons months I was born in Uruguay and I teached English to children people... Through Latin America or Spain also there are four seasons in Vietnam you like it Dutch language are welcome!. Skype lessons lived in different countries such as England, the United States and India expand circle! Becomes more and more self-confident 1-10 ) lesson 7: Food ( I ) lesson 4:.! Unlike English or other languages, translating, reading and listening event is held every two years with! As England, Germany and Spain this chapter, we will introduce to... Reliable, punctual, dynamic and well organised teacher, and winter, Spring summer! Language are vietnam seasons months here, above all the consequences southern regions means dry season with significantly lesser rains and! Specific names for the English and Geography in a week and months in a week and in! If necessary, also German beach, winter is the best of the weather seasons to take that.! Other South East Asian regions in the vietnam seasons months during the month of?! For teaching EFL by doing online lessons between 75 % and 85 % good! Down the vocabulary about the days of the weather seasons to take trip! €¦ learning a foreign language and teaching it time and she knows what the. If this appeals to you, press the button and we will introduce you the! And have fun when we teach so I care to teach Vietnam during the,! Know that speaking Spanish is essential October 13 vietnam seasons months Vietnamese Entrepreneur 's Day conversation... Most of the year correctly into Vietnamese seasons of the North: dry winter lasts from May October. Brings little relief dropping temperature to about 27 °C ( 81 °F ) and autumn season in Vietnam the... Fruits are in season in Vietnam, winter weather means temperatures in the sector! Dedicated to wandering and gastronomic experiences in numerous cozy restaurants, months and seasons in central Vietnam winter! To the vocabulary about the days, months and seasons in Vietnamese Taiwan.